Win Tokens and Euro Cup Final Tickets at AEX in the Passionate Summer

The “AEX ‘Crypto’ Cup: Share the $10,000 Prize Pool and Win Final Tickets” event is underway at AEX, where participants have a chance to get free tokens (DOGE, GAT, CHZ, WICC, USDT, ETH, etc.) by guessing the winning European Cup teams. The hit event is a perfect combination of sports and blockchain. Before July 12, users who make bets will have a chance to share the prize pool. The more participants, the greater the pool value!

“AEX ‘Crypto’ Cup

Founded in 2013, AEX ( is one of the world’s leading digital asset commercial banks, dedicated to providing millions of users with a diversity of digital asset management services. Now, it is working hard to help users realize the goal of safe investment and steady value creation, by using a host of product models such as efficient match-making, DeFi, and Deposit. Thanks to match-making services like cryptocurrency trading, perpetual contracts, and ASwap, users can endow their digital assets with super liquidity.

Wealth management services such as Deposit and DeFi bring various wealth appreciation models, allowing users to earn more tokens with idle assets. Relying on Mortgage and private banking services, users can broaden sources of income based on their limited resources. The OTC zone turns out to be an efficient way to convert cryptocurrency into real money. It offers digital currency enthusiasts a convenient point of entry into the world of blockchain.

AEX, an thorough practitioner of asset transaction and management, has built a digital asset-based financial experience center that integrates trading, mining, wealth management, and lending together. Its ever-growing lineup of digital asset derivatives has empowered millions of users around the world to manage their digital assets by scientific means and yield stable income flows.

For example, there are more than 300 matched cryptocurrencies on AEX, with a daily trading volume exceeding US$250 million. To date, Deposit has operated safely for 783 days, making cumulative investments worth 137,064,200 USD and earning 15,000 users over 358,786,000 USD in revenue.

AEX now offers users an abundance of opportunities to realize wealth appreciation, such as getting additional GAT rewards through yield farming and buying popular wealth management products to win generous gifts. At the same time, AEX keeps repurchasing and burning GATs to strictly control the GAT circulation on the platform and safeguard the rights and interests of users within the ecosystem.

One of the ongoing hit events is “AEX ‘Crypto’ Cup: Share the $10,000 Prize Pool and Win Final Tickets”, where participants have a chance to get free tokens and tickets by making bets on winning teams. It is a perfect combination of sports and blockchain. To increase their winning chance, users may invite friends to join them in betting. Those winning their bets in succession will have a better chance of getting tickets to the Wembley Stadium final. It’s time to cheer for your team and try your luck to win the exciting prize!




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