Weekly Report of AEX Product Operation NO.177


Founded in 2013, AEX is a global digital asset trading service platform dedicated to building a trustworthy digital asset bank for millions of users. Since its establishment, AEX has adhered to the principle of neutrality, adopted a corporate motto: “don’t be evil”, and advocated safe investment and stable value creation.

GAT Ecology

GAT is a global token officially launched by AEX, with a total circulation of 23 billion without additional issuance. Since its launch, the GAT ecosystem has been developing vigorously, and achieved 12 ecological construction results, with more plans in the pipeline.

Global market value: ¥ 6.49 billion

Current price: ¥ 0.47

Total circulation: 13,817,106,115 GAT

On December 3, 2021, AEX issued the 176th GAT repurchase and destruction announcement. In this period, a total of 1415242.679 GAT were repurchased and destroyed. The whole report can click here.

  1. AEX New Listing

USDC trading area adds ACH, ICP

AEX launches ACH/USDC and ICP/USDC trading pairs on December 3, 2021, at 9:00 (UTC).

  1. AEX News

Texas Championship — Rewards Issue

The activity “No Deposit to play Texas Hold’em Poker, Win One Bitcoin” has ended on November 30, 2021.https://www.aex.com/announcement/announcement_en/2021/12/01/texas-championship-rewards-issue.html/

AEX Loan adds BOBA、ENJ、ZEN,Enjoy 50% off for the first time

AEX is officially launching an activity ” AEX Loan Adds BOBA、ENJ、ZEN, Enjoy 50% off for the First Time”.https://www.aex.com/announcement/announcement_en/2021/11/30/aex-loan-adds-boba%e3%80%81enj%e3%80%81zenenjoy-50-off-for-the-first-time.html/

DeFi Pool Flexible Adds Matic Joe Boba Up to 20% APR,0.5% interest-raise for participating

AEX DeFi Pool、Flexible Adds Matic、Joe、Boba,Up to 20% APR!0.5% interest-raise for participating First come first served!.


AEX opens Arbitrum One chain USDT, ETH deposits, and Withdrawal services

AEX completes the Arbitrum One mainnet integration and has opened deposit and withdrawal services on Arbitrum One Layer 2, which realizes time-lagless conversion of Layer2 tokens to Layer1 tokens.


AEX Operation Team

December 6, 2021 (UTC)

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