UOS Introduction

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UOS is a token that supports the Ultra ecosystem and can be used to purchase everything on the platform, including games, virtual items, and advertisements from game developers. Ultra will accept traditional payment methods such as Paypal and credit cards.

Ultra is the first entertainment platform providing a variety of games industry services under a single roof, accessible through a single login. Ultra’s ecosystem is made up of Ultra Games (A game distribution platform), the NFT Marketplace, Ultra Wallet, and more to be announced.

Using Ultra’s blockchain technology, game developers are able to tokenize their digital assets such as games, artwork, DLCs and more. Gamers can buy, resell, and trade these items on the NFT marketplace. This allows game developers and gamers to take gaming to the next level and provides more value to digital assets.

Gamers can also earn directly through using the platform through our 2 step referral program, influencer program, participating in beta tests, watching live streams and more.

These fiat currency transactions are seamlessly converted to UOS on the backend and are completed using UOS tokens on the blockchain.

The token will also be used in a variety of non-trading ways on the platform, including betting, tournaments, and donations.

The project started in 2017 and solves the issue with gaming today. It gives game developers, no matter if they are indie or AAA, the opportunity to do more with their digital assets. The ecosystem provides a way for all sectors of the games industry to work together.


  1. The main members of the team are the former CEO and CSO of “Little Overlord”, with rich experience in video games
  2. Has reached a strategic partnership with mainstream game giant Ubisoft (classic games including “Assassin’s Creed”, “Brave Heart: World War”, “Lehman”, etc.) and chip giant AMD
  3. Ultra has a native blockchain that has unprecedented transaction throughput with zero transaction fees and zero onboarding fees. This means that our blockchain is ready for mainstream adoption. Ultra’s blockchain is also carbon neutral certified and won’t harm the environment. Ultra is also working with major game publishers and will start the catalyst of mainstream publishers moving toward and utilizing blockchain technology in their games.
  4. At present, 10 million global audiences and 70 million Chinese audiences can be reached through Ultra close partners.

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