The 8th Anniversary of AEX

To be Extraordinary with Perseverance

4 min readAug 6, 2021


12 years ago, Bitcoin was issued from the financial storm. 8 years ago, AEX began to make its figure on the Chinese blockchain. Today, the digital asset, represented by these two, intensively intersects with contemporary society and global finance, which has become one of the indicators. As time goes by, the ecosystem in the blockchain has also undergone a transformation, with a scene of prosperity from the underlying blockchain technology to the token economic model, from current assets to the financial derivatives, from DeFi to NFT.

As an important link of the blockchain, AEX has always played an indispensably important role in token circulation and trading since the birth of the industry. In the past 8 years, AEX has actively participated in the construction of the industry, keeping pace with the trend. Adaptation, innovation, and change. AEX has gradually gained recognition and achievements in the way of progress, creating a unique brand image


In the 8th year of establishment, AEX has now launched a new brand logo in order to better practice the brand principle, using the elements of ocean waves to separate the share of “A” to combine the concept of A infinity. We are with a view that users and AEX will create an infinite possibility together.

Looking back on the eight-year history, this is an extraordinary journey of AEX and also a tribute to persistence. It is every choice and perseverance that has achieved AEX.

Remain the Same for 8 Years, Persist for the Customers

Since the first meeting eight years ago, to million users possession today, AEX has always put users first. Whether we are taking “asset” as the core, building a service platform based on user needs, or adhering to staying neutral and committing no evil, it all represents that AEX attaches importance to users.

With the original intention, AEX builds business ecosystems based on user interests, truly sharing dividends with users and building the core business: In AEX, AEX Financial is above average on annualized return. AEX ASwap can return 80% of the exchange fee and 0 gas fee on on-chain transfer transactions. AEX Loan that can stake more than 30 currencies, and trading pairs with the highest subsidy in the network, etc. While adhering to staying neutral and committing “no evil”, AEX created 0 serious system safety accidents in the past 8 years.

As far as AEX is concerned, users are the greatest vitality. AEX highlights “users” in development strategies, specific tactics, positioning, leading to forming unique core values and its competitiveness, which provides a continual power for development.

Innovation for 8 years, insistence for change

AEX has witnessed the blockchain grow from unknown to the public into the boom, and goes through ups and downs, gradually finding a unique ecological “moat” and building brand effect.

In the early pattern of the unsound trading ecology, AEX grasped the market demand of information, decisively marched in the cryptocurrency industry with information as a means of entry, and gradually established the prototype of the exchange. And then AXE bravely took the lead in the introduction of many types of cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin(DOGE), Ripple(XRP), BitShares(BTS), New Economy Movement(NEW), Stellar(XLM), and Ardor(ARDR) ahead of others, gradually improving the trading-based exchange ecology.

AEX launched the industry’s first platform token TMC, pioneered the trade-driven mining and dividend destruction mechanism.

AEX unveiled the first platform token with a one-thousand-fold increase, which successfully ranks among China’s top three and the world’s top five exchanges.

AEX pioneered the initial lock offering (ILO) mode, creating a new industry model following the IEO device and attracting over 50,000 participants, which set off a wave of industry innovation.

AEX pioneered the DeFi smart mining business, established low-threshold one-click participation in DeFi model, and created a safe asset benefit generation business to build a unique financial brand.

AEX has led the industry many times in the 8 years of innovation, establishing many innovative gameplay and ecology models. AEX is committed to insisting on innovation, which is also an important driving force to promote AEX development and support it to change the industry.

Today, we believe that this abstract blue icon is deeply linked to people’s work and life, becoming the first door to the digital world. AEX remain the same for eight years, which achieves the positioning of the global digital asset management service. Let’s start the extraordinary journey and walk together.

AEX: Your Best Asset Guardian

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