Tesla Second-quarter Financial reports: Hold Bitcoin Valued $130,000,000 at Present


On July 27, Tesla published the second-quarter financial reports. Among others, Tesla currently holds Bitcoin valued $130,000,000, but does not purchase and sell off cryptocurrency. in February this year, Tesla purchased Bitcoin valued $150,000,000 and took a 10% underweight position, making a profit of $27,200,000. However, the value of Bitcoin held by Tesla has fallen 23,000,000 by reason of the sluggish digital asset market in the second quarter.

In May, Elon Musk said that Tesla no longer accepted Bitcoin as a payment means out of consideration for the environment, which causes the value of Bitcoin to fall down. But in early July, Musk expressed that Tesla will adopt Bitcoin trading and he also revealed in the conference “The B Word” that SpaceX holds Bitcoin as well.

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