Talk to Nate Hindman from Bancor Team, know more about Bancor v2

AMA Q&A Part

Q1: According to LinkedIn, you joined the Bancor Team in January 2018. Prior to this, you had been engaged in marketing and sales related work for many years. What attracted you to join the Bancor team? How have the members of the Bancor team changed over the last 3 years?

Nate Hindman:

Q2: Bancor was actually the pioneer of the AMM model, and it attracted a lot of followers. However, over the past year or so, the market share has been gradually overtaken by other project teams, such as Uniswap. As a team member who witnessed the change, what do you think led to the change? What opportunities did the Bancor team fail to seize during the competition?

Nate Hindman:

Q3: Bancor raised a record $153 million in 2017, with half the BNT in circulation. In August, ParaFi Capital invested in Bancor through BNT tokens. What were the main USES of the $153 million raised? Why did it restart a new round of financing in August? What is the exact amount?

Nate Hindman:

Q4: In July, Bancor proposed a solution to AMM’s impermanent loss, but after three months of inaction, it suddenly came up with a new solution, one that had nothing to do with the previous version. Why did this change happen?

Nate Hindman:

Q5: What are the advantages of the current Bancor V2 protocol over other protocols in terms of solving the impermanent loss? How is it going? What are the potential risks for liquidity providers? Can you give me some example?

Nate Hindman:

Q6: An important aspect of the success of a protocol is the value capture of native token. Compared with the value capture of other DEX protocols, what are the advantages of Bancor V2 token in value capture?

Nate Hindman:

Q7: In June, the BancorNetwork V0.6 contract was found to be vulnerable. In 2018, Bancor’s contract breach led to substantial capital losses. What does the Bancor team think about smart contract security? What actions are currently being taken to address vulnerability related issues?

Nate Hindman:

Q8: Community governance is very important to a decentralized protocol. What does Bancor plan look like on the road to community governance? How to expand the community?How to achieve deep user involvement in project governance?

Nate Hindman

Q9: Some time ago, the YFI community proposed to invest some of the value captured in tokens into the future growth of the community, rather than simply destroy or buy back. How does Bancor think about investing in the community?

Nate Hindman:

Q10: In the next two years, what goals do Bancor want to achieve in terms of team building, project development, community governance, algorithm research, market size, etc.?

Nate Hindman:

Questions from Chinese Community:

Q1:Will you corporate with Nexus Mutual, do some marketing events like Shiled Mining?

Q2:What if current coverage could not cover loss?

Q3: Bancor V2 is now behind its competitors in user numbers and transaction volume. How can Bancor attract more users in the future, like some new incentive mechanism?

Q4: AMM has been criticized for requiring a lot of liquidity to reach the same slide point as order book based exchanges. Can AMM be combined with order book based exchanges? What does Bancor V2 do?

Q5:Since Bancor v2.1 don’t use amplification (v2.0) to lower slippage, what is the different approach to reach capital efficiency? Do you have any schedule?

Q6: Could Bancor add pair permissionless like uniswap in the future? When?




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