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* 1/You are an expert in physics, doctor of Philosophy, computer science. What motivates you to learn in different fields?What hobbies do you have in addition to your regular job?

* 2/You have worked on project NuCypher for 5 years in very important position. Can you share your experience in project NuCypher ?

* 3/Why did you choose to leave and recreate a new project Curve? How many people were involved in the project at the time?

* 4/What challenges have you encountered during the development of the Cruve project? How did you overcome these challenges?

* 5/The project is currently very popular in the blockchain community.How do you analyze the market demand for Curve? In the future, it will become the exchange tool for stable coins from various different countries ? For example, the dollar stablecoin and the yen stablecoin.

* 6/Some argue that privacy will be a challenge to decentralised finance.How do you think about privacy in decentralized finance?Will Curve adopt relevant privacy protection measures in the futuer?

* 7/The Swerve threatens the Curve market. How do you and your team deal with this kind of market competition? What are the barriers to competition in a decentralized financial project? For example, Curve.




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