Shareholder Badge NFT Fragment upgraded to AEX Endorser Badge NFT, enjoying shareholder rights and interests.

5 min readJul 7, 2022


The “AEX Shareholder Badge NFT Fragment” will be changed to the “AEX Endorser Badge NFT,” according to an announcement made by AEX Global on July 6th titled “Helping the Platform Return to Normal and Inviting You to Be the Platform Spokesperson.” AEX Endorser Badge NFT will have the same complete shareholder rights and interests as AEX Shareholder Badge NFT. By creating a “platform endorser group” and inviting users with “endorser badges,” AEX plans to co-create a new platform with them. In order to help people grasp the AEX Endorser Badge NFT more intuitively, this article will further explain the announcement. It will cover the issue’s history, acquisition strategies, particular rights and interests, application value, and other topics.

Due to the impact of the industry situation and short-term liquidity, AEX saw a bank run in the middle of June, although many consumers persisted in using it. As a token of appreciation for the platform’s core users’ loyalty and support, AEX issued 600 shareholder badges NFT and gave users a 15% equity stake in the respective platform. With the exception of the top 300 leaderboard users, who are eligible for 500 NFTs, the remaining 100 users are synthesized using 2000 badge fragments, meaning that every 20 badge fragments can be combined to form a full AEX shareholder badge NFT.

Beginning in July, as part of routine business operations, AEX made the decision to upgrade 2,000 NFT fragments from its shareholder badge in order to transform it into a genuine shareholder symbol. The upgrade’s primary content is:

The former “AEX Shareholder Badge NFT Fragments” will now be known as the “AEX Endorser Badge NFT,” and it will have all the same rights and privileges as the original “AEX Shareholder Badge NFT.”

Through leaderboards and activities, 1290 endorser badges will be distributed, of which 710 have already been sent. The 301st through 700th NFT stockholders will receive 600 medals, while the additional 690 badges will be distributed at the subsequent activities.

Create a “platform endorser group,” invite users of “endorser badge NFT” and AEX, and ask them to work together to create a new platform by giving out rewards. Through exposure, promotion, and inviting large clients, members of the endorser group can earn GAT or endorser badge NFT rewards.

Given the “normal operation of business” described in the announcement, it is demonstrated by the following factors: based on the open variant’s observation and its liquidity data, a significant portion of users have stopped raising money, objectively easing the run-on situation momentarily; For several days in a row, the platform’s recharge quantity has been greater than its withdrawal amount, and its hematopoietic function is progressively improving; Users’ temporarily frozen assets are getting more options for liquidity and appreciation thanks to the introduction of the AUSD stable currency and the account bond feature. The AEX team made the decision to enhance the rights and interests of the “AEX Endorser Badge NFT” in a comprehensive manner since they enjoy the status quo of all good platforms.

With a shareholding ratio of 0.001 percent, or 1/25 of “AEX Shareholder Badge NFT,” “AEX Endorser Badge NFT” is transformed into direct equity. Take advantage of all the regular AEX shareholder rights and benefits, including annual dividends, quarterly financial report reviews, voting on decisions, monitoring and communicating shareholder meetings, etc. A user can create a shareholder badge and receive 0.025 percent equity whenever he or she has over 20 endorser badges.

The “AEX Shareholder Badge NFT” is distributed via numerous methods in an effort to reach more devoted platform users. Up till now, 710 donations have been made in total via five different channels, including 600 through chain recharge activities, 60 through Texas activities, 10 through shareholder spokesperson activities, 30 through turntable activities, and 10 through GAT discount subscriptions.

The 1290 remaining AEX endorser badges NFT have not yet been distributed, and leaderboards and activities will undoubtedly be used to make the announcement. The ranking method is used to distribute 600 pieces, with the 301st through 500th user receiving 2 pieces and the 501st through 700th user receiving 1. The ultimate ranking will be announced on December 31, 2022, and it is mostly dependent on variables like the number of significant clients and the daily recharge amount.

The creation of the “Platform Endorser Group” will make it possible for NFT holders of the AEX endorser badge to provide more insightful feedback on the platform as it is being developed. Every month, AEX will spend 300,000GAT to support the spokespersons who aid in the global promotion and publicity of the company’s many business areas. It will be possible for NFT holders who have promoted AEX endorser badges more than ten times to compete in the category.

For members of the “Platform Endorser Group,” AE also offered 240 “AEX Endorser Badge NFT” bonuses. The highest (1st place) will receive three of the eight platform spokespersons who receive the top five newly invited major customers each month. At the moment, users must own $100,000 worth of tokens in order to use AEX. 16 awards every month, with a maximum of 4 awards, are given to the platform spokespersons who firstly invite all significant customers to place in the top ten in the real data of the month. The following numbers affect the reward: the net amount of friends’ (large customers’) online recharges; the net amount of OTC deposits; the net amount of AUSD purchases; and the net amount of wealth management.

Regarding the AEX Endorser Badge NFT upgrade, the AEX team not only significantly enhanced the rights and interests of 2,000 AEX endorser badges NFT, but also provided more feedback to devoted users. First off, the coverage of core users has increased by 133%, and the number of users on the leaderboard has increased from the top 300 to the top 700. Second, the NFT shares of the rebate exchange, which is a more severe manner to welcome the rebate, are being paid for the first time in the business. We think that with the support of all users worldwide, platform business is generally normalizing faster and both new and existing assets can benefit more from possibilities to bring value to the flow.

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