【Reward Announcement】AEX 10000 ETH @Vitalik Buterin in Twitter

On December 2nd, to celebrate the launch of ASwap’s ETH-ETH2 liquidity mining pool, AEX’s official Twitter( held an event with the theme “10000ETH Vitalik Buterin).

The main rule is that if Vitalik Buterin retweet this tweet before Christmas Eve (December 24). In addition to participants can share 300,000 GAT, ASwap will also put out 10,000 ETH to pledge on the Ethereum beacon chain.

If Vitalik Buterin has not retweet it by the deadline of the activity, it will be deemed as a failure of the activity, but eligible participants can also participate in the 30,000 GAT sharing activity.

As of 00:00 on December 25th(UTC+8), the event Twitter has not been RT by Vitalik Buterin. Follow-up statistics have screened out 26 participants who meet the requirements. The AEX ID of these winners are:

The 26 AEX IDs will share 30,000 GAT together. We will issue awards within 7 working days, please pay attention to the winners!

❤️ Thank you for your participation!

❤️ You are also very welcome to share the joy of winning!❤️

In addition, it has been more than a month since ASwaps went online. We currently have 20 convert pairs in liquidity pool with the highest annualization rate of 75.6%. The current annualized BTC-USDT liquidity pool is 15%.

Interested users can go to this link to participate: https://www.aex.cool/page/amm_swap.html#/?pool=eth2_eth&tabType=exchange

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