Over $ 80 Billion Staking Volume in AEX DeFi Pool , Enjoy 0 GAS Simple Mining

The review of the DeFi savings business of AEX. The following contents are provided by AEX:

Savings Data:

1.Total asset under management exceeds 80 billion USDT, and the highest Savings amount in a month reaches 10billion USDT.

2.Over 40 currency savings are supported in AEX.

3.Savings hike rate for VIP: up to 1%

4.The annual interest rate of DeFi savings:10%-100%

New Function:

1.Automatically overlap to invest: without manual operation, enjoy overlap benefit

2.Automatically raise interest rate for VIP

3.20% annualized BTC savings for novices

4.Customized finance business for VIP

5.Support 5% invitation referral


1.AEX, Launched DeFi savings on August 26, 2021, is one of the earliest platforms that introduce DeFi savings.

2.After half a month since launch, the asset under management exceeded 100 million dollar

3.Since its launch, the total asset under management exceeds 80 billion dollar

4.AEX has launched more than 200 savings currencies, with a 100% historical redemption rate

Portal: DeFi pool

About AEX:

1.AEX, an 8-year old brand exchange, is an international digital asset trading service platform, providing digital asset trading and investment service, and building communities. AEX is committed to constructing the most trustworthy digital asset bank.

2.AEX always stays neutral and commits no evil, implementing the system of 100% reserve available online, and ensuring asset transparency — AEX Your Best Asset Guardian!

About DeFi pool

1.DeFi pool: DeFi pool is a mining strategy that intelligently deploys different currencies with the same algorithm(such as CRV, SUSHI) to optimal revenue currencies for yield farming.

2.Short-period investment, ultra-high income, guarantee interest and principal, and free of GAS fee

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