Market Is Thawing Across the Board, and Tether Issued 1 Billion USDT in TRON


With the recovery of the market, Tether issued 1 billion USDT again in TRON after two months of suspension, according to the Tokenview stable coin data. It’s been 70 days since the last issue on May 31, 2021. The new USDTs are in the address beginning with TKHu, with this address having 1.13 billion USDT. Up to now, there are 62.2414 billion USDT circulating in Omni, ETH, and TRX.

The market continues to rise after reaching a bottom, and Tether issues USDT again, which shows that the market demand is gradually increasing. And the turnover volume is also adding to AEX. AEX has issued 300+ trading pairs, with a total of 100w+ users.

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