KardiaChain AMA with the CMO Bobby Pham on March 23, 2022

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Five days ago, March 23rd from 12Am to 1PM UTC, the KardiaChain team hosted an AMA with Bobby Pham, the CMO of KardiaChain to answer the community’s questions and talk about the future of KardiaChain. In case you missed the live AMA or wish to review the entire set of questions, below is a full recap of the discussion. Thanks again to everyone who participated in the AMA. We’ll keep everyone posted when we’re set for the next one.

Q: Good evening everyone, it is a great honor to invite Bobby Pham, the CMO of KardiaChain to our community today to share the theme of How is KardiaChain leading the way for Blockchain Mass Adoption?

First let’s welcome Bobby Pham.

Then I will tell you all about the ama process tonight.

There are 3 parts of AMA.

Part 1: Guest sharing, in the way of asking and answering.

Part 2: Free question and answer session

Part 3: Announcement of winners

Let’s start now.

Hi,Bobby Pham,Could you introduce yourself to the community members? What is the Kardia Chain? How is KardiaChain leading the way for Blockchain Mass Adoption?

A:I’m a Vietnamese American, born and raised in the US, but now currently residing in Ho Chi Minh City, VN (however at this exact moment, I’m in Bangkok meeting some friends and doing a bit of networking).

I’ve been doing digital marketing for 16 years.

I’ve also been actively investing in the crypto space since 2018.

I was recently given the role of CMO at KardiaChain.

I also own my own digital marketing agency, Boba Digital.

KardiaChain is an L1 interoperable blockchain based in Vietnam and currently striving to increase its global brand awareness that’s what I’m here for.

KardiaChain has a non-invasive approach which is an “integration without assimilation” approach to interoperability.

In other words, we connect to other blockchains with the least effort possible.

Our blockchain adapts to other blockchains, requiring little effort from the other end.

In terms of leading the way for mass adoption….we don’t see “one blockchain” that will dominate the future, but instead, multiple blockchains have their own strengths, users, and markets.

KardiaChain aims to be the chain that will connect them all….

This is our vision and path for global mass adoption….a future with many chains

Q:About KAI coins, I have a few questions: What is KAI coin? Can you show us the tokenomics model of the Kardia Chain?

The most popular uses of the $KAI Token include:

Staking with network validators to participate in proposals to improve the network and receiving rewards in exchange

Staking in our KAIMOND Program and gaining access to private allocations, premium Airdrops, IDO whitelists on our network, profit-sharing across our business activities, and of course cool trips :)

Contributing and participating in our DAO

In addition, our token is paired with all of the dApps built on our platform (and the upcoming dApps…shhh) which will provide liquidity for those apps as well as whatever unique features and benefits of those apps

And now with my recent arrival, we intend to see what additional use-cases and benefits we can offer to our loyal $KAI holders.

Our goal is to ensure that we offer and lead as much value as possible for those that believe and support in our vision

In terms of our tokenomics, you can see the breakdown of it in our Medium post here — -> https://medium.com/kardiachain/kardiachain-token-metrics-release-graph-a436fc11bcf5

I don’t want to put it all here since it’d be a long confusing msg with a bunch of numbers

Haha, that ‘s okay. Continuing with our previous question, could you show us how KAI coins are allocated and distributed? What is the KAI consensus?

A:The 1st generation of blockchains used POW or POS consensus algorithms that relied on a “high probability of finality”….meaning you just needed the majority of the network to allow a block to be added

Ethereum, Bitcoin use POW and Cardano uses POS.

But essentially what you need to know is that these initial protocols used “high probability of finality” consensus algorithms (essentially the majority)

However, in order to be even more secure, 2nd generation blockchains have aimed to rely on consensus algorithms that aim to reach “100% finality” as long as more than 2/3 of the blockchain participants are honest.

This is the answer to the “KAI Consensus” which I assume the question is revolving around the security of the KAI Network

In terms of KAI coins and how they’re allocatd and distributed….please refer to the previous msg with our Medium Post link that shows the tokenomics.

In terms of our tokenomics, you can see the breakdown of it in our Medium post here — -> https://www.medium.com/kardiachain/kardiachain-token-metrics-release-graph-a436fc11bcf5

Our network uses BFT DPOS (which stands for Byzantine fault-tolerant Delegated Proof of Stake) which is the most secure, proven consensus right now and relies on “100% finality”

So in short, to answer your question, KardiaChain uses the most secure available option for its network :)

Q:And, what have KAI been doing so far in terms of security?


This answers both the security and consensus question(s)….which I believe was the intent of both of those questions.

Q:What do you think are KardiaChain’s strengths and competitiveness compared to other similar chains?

A:Ahh great question, I like this one :)KardiaChain has a TPS of 10K+ and transactional finality of less than 5 secs

Fees on the KAI Network are $0.0001, making transactions practically free.

And after answering the security question above, you could say KardiaChain is among the most secure.

But its biggest advantage isn’t that it’s faster, cheaper, and more secure than most networks.

The biggest advantage of KardiaChain is its interoperability.

KAI uses a simple language called KSML, which is similar to XML and Javascript, making it easy for Web 2 developers to learn.

And since KardiaChain is already bridged to all the EVM-Compatiable chains, developers can focus on building on just the KAI network.

Doing so will save them the time of having to learn multiple networks, since KardiaChain is already connected to all the major networks (ETH, BSC, Celo, Polygon).

So to summarize….KardiaChain’s advantages are:

1 — It’s faster than many other protocols

2 — Transactions are practically free

3 — Uses the msot secure consensus mechanism available

4 — It’s truly interoperable and easy to build own….building on KAI gets you access to all other chains (so you only have to learn 1 language)

Q: And what is the ultimate vision of KardiaChain?

A:The Ultimate Vision of KardiaChain is Mass Adoption of Blockchain Tech.

Our motto is to create a Blockchain Accessible to Billions.

Every action we take is towards this goal of achieving mass adoption.

Q: Usually the project transition FEES is a huge topic in crypto. How about KardiaChain?

A:Transaction fees on the KAI network is $0.0001….so making it practically free.

Q: Who is KardiaChain’s founder ? Can you tell us more?

A: KardiaChain was founded by Huy Nguyen and Tri Pham.

Huy Nguyen was a former lead developer at Google, responsible for leading the Pixel Buds and Google Fiber Operations, bringing massive tech experience and skillset to leading an innovative blockchain.

Tri Pham is a serial entrepreneur with businesses spanning across tech and fashion, bringing a unique skillset and experience to KardiaChain.

Q:For our community partners, this is a question they are very concerned about. How do users benefit from KardiaChain? What is the simplest way to take part in KardiaChain?

A: Always glad to answer these type of questions.

KardiaChain’s vision is to create mass adoption for blockchain tech.

With this vision in mind, it is our goal to ensure that we create products and services that are easy to understand and use.

If you download our KAI Wallet and explore and use the app, you’ll notice the friendly interface and simple instructions.

KAI Wallet

Google play:


Apple store:


So by using our products and services, we are providing newcomers with an “easy” path towards using and understanding crypto.

And in one of the prior questions, we spoke on the benefits of holding the $KAI token which include staking, participating in private sales and white lists for IDOs on the platform, among other exclusive benefits for KAI holders.

In terms of taking part in KardiaChain, the simplest way would be to download our wallet, and explore our app.

If you’d like to purchase tokens, you can always check out our Kaidex.io to purchase our token.

However, if you have preferences on other exchanges, then we’re currently listed on:

KuCoin/Bitfinex/ApeSwap/PancakeSwap/Gate/MexC/Uniswap/Crypto/ DeFi Wallet

We’re working in the backgrounds to continue working with several partners to get listed on more exchanges, so expect to hear updates throughout this year as we continue to progress in increasing our liquidity.

You can also check out our page to see listings (although it does need to be updated, which I’m working on, I promise!)


Alternatively, our CoinMarketCap listing (https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/kardiachain/markets) is usually pretty up to date.

We actively update the community through our main channels

Please follow our https://twitter.com/kardiachain or our Telegram (https://t.me/kardiachain)

And while you’re at it, feel free to follow our core team members our CEO, https://twitter.com/hunykardia, our CTO https://twitter.com/lew_tran_ , or myself https://twitter.com/therealbpham

20:50 Free to ask questions (5 questions limited)

Q: Thanks Bobby for sharing.Let’s move on to the second part. Do you have any questions after listening to the sharing? Any questions can be asked.Give yall 5 minutes to ask.

Here we go

There are many BlockChains (BSC, ETH, Tron) so why will we use Kardia Chain? Is there any specialty of KardiaChain? What’s the use case of KAI ?

A: KardiaChain is interoperable and connected to all the EVM compatible chains (BSC / ETH / Celo / Polygon).

This means that by building on KAI, you get access to all those chains.

You don’t have to learn multiple languages or how to build on diff chains….you can just learn how to build on KAI and learn one time….

Developers save the time/energy from having to learn multiple chains

That is the main edge of KardiaChain.

Q: Many projects have problems with UI / UX and this one turns off new users. How do you plan to improve the interaction with new users and with users outside the crypto space?

A: We have a few team members we just recently onboarded specializing in UI/UX.

However, something Vietnam is well known for and excellent at, is UI/UX design.

We’re in a country where the majority of the population isn’t very tech savvy.

So developers naturally aim to build apps, dApps, programs, software, websites in a way to make it extremely ui/ux friendly.

This is an area we’re constantly improving

Q: Which one of these aspects is important for you?

1-Increasing Token Price & Value

2-Empowering Platform Development

3-Building Community Trust

4-Expanding Partnership Globally

In what order?

A: #2,#3,#4,We are not concerned about token price or value.And we are not concerned about bull or bear market.

Our philosophy is that if we do the right things as in….

Lead and offer value

Deliver good service

Communicate with our community

Build great relationships

Q:Your project name seems to be very interesting. Does it have any story behind it? Can you share with us the inspiration for approaching this name?

A: Amazing question….in fact…it was this fact that I learned that inspired me to join.

“Kardia” means “Heart” in Greek.

The “Heart” is what connects all the veins in the body…allowing for blood to power all the essential organs and parts of our body.

And “Heart” is all about “connecting” and “bonding.”

This is the true nature and essence of blockchain.

And open, connected system here to support each other.

Learning this, was the last piece that inspired me to join KardiaChain

- Contribute to the community

As long as we do those things, everything will work out….those are the areas we focus on 100%.

Q: Where I can get the latest updates or more information about the project?

A: Currently our Telegram and our Twitter are the channels for most recent updates.

Follow the main account — -> Twitter — @kardiachain| our CEO@hunykardia|our CTO @lew_tran_|and myself @therealbpham

TG — -> @KardiaChainOfficial

Q: Is this your project only for elite investors ? How about those with smaller budget, is it open to everyone?

A: It’s for everyone. We’re here for mass adoption.

Q: Is your platform global or is there any restriction to certain regions?

A: All global!

Q: Do you have an ambassador program available? If yes, how can I join it? And may I know what’s the benefit available for the ambassador?

A: Absolutely, we’re always welcoming those who want to help our cause.

Please join the official KardiaChain chat on Telegram and express your interest in joining.

Ambassadors have feedback in some of the major plans/features within the business and tech.

Air drops….allocation….and of course visits to VN.

20:55 The host announces the end of the event and informs users who ask questions to wait for the platform to issue rewards.

Q:Thank you very much for listening, and thanks Bobby for coming. Tonight’s AMA is over. Thanks again.

Below is the announcement of tonight’s winners:

@AsifuddoulaNoyon @darrylgilliam1990 @Ophelia Presley @Amelie Cassandra @zenaida_hite_72 @UnHitt @TrishaTovar12 @jennifergab

DM me. Wish you all have a good night!

Thanks everyone AEX Community and thanks AEXlittlewhite for the opportunity.

And I want to share that we have a LOT working behind the scenes….I’ve only joined for just a few weeks…so just give us some time to get this all planned out propery.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And quality can’t be rushed.

Hit me up on Twitter if you want to connect, ask questions, or want me to come back in the future.

Ok, gotta get back to working on changing the world.

*Questions and answers may have been edited from original submission for grammar and clarity

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