How to vote for AEX Vietnam Endorser?

Step 1, At homepage, click the top left button to AEX account login/register:

Step 2, click the top right to register an account;

(1)Click top right;

(2)Choose Vietnam Country, and register with your Email/Phone number;

Step 3, Go to AEX APP, change the language to Vietnamese;


(2)Choose Vietnamese language;

Step 4, Find [Vietnam Endorser Competition] Event at the App homepage, click the banner to enter;

Step 5, You can check the rewards for TOP 10 Endorsers, and the votes that every Endorser has in this competition;

Step 6, Scroll down in the event page, you can search for the Endorser ID on the [Search Bar], and vote for your favorite endorser.

Note: Every Vietnam registered user has 2 free votes per day, with extra 10 votes for every 100 USDT that is owned in the asset account, each account has maximum 100 votes per day.

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