How to Use AEX DeFi Pool

Aug 27, 2021



  • Supports over 30 savings currencies, and has 10%-100% annualized benefits.
  • Convenient and efficient: It is very simple to operate, without the step of on-chain transfer transactions, mining study, and so on.
  • Ultra-short-term: 10 days short-term investment, flexible asset allocation.
  • Guarantee interest and principal: AEX is committed to guaranteeing users’ interest and principal for savings management.
  • 8-year professional team: Professional mining study team, research currency contract, and guarantee platform safe.

How to participate in DeFi pool?

(1) How to invest DeFi pool

Log in to AEX(—— 【Finance】 — — click 【DeFi Pool】

(2) Select underlying projects, and click 【join it】

(3) Enter the amount, and click 【join now】