How to Participate in ASWAP Mining

  1. Open the login account of AEX computer — Home page — Navigation bar — ASWAP

2. Click ASWAP — Liquidity pool list

3. Click To Search — Enter To Choose the cryptocurrency you want to deposit.

4. Click To choose the zone Liquidity pool you want to deposit

5. Click the Dual Currency Flow Pool you want to deposit — Add Liquidity

6. Enter the amount you want to deposit (the input will calculate the amount of the other half need to deposit) — Agreed terms — deposit (deposit to start mining)

7. Click mining — get it immediately (the income will be directly transferred to your Coin account and you can get it at any time)

8. Click “Eliminate Liquidity” — LP is full — “Take out” (the withdrawn coins will be directly transferred to your coin account)




Aex Global

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