How to Claim Your Rewards in AEX Teaxs Hold’em Competition?

Hey, AEX friends!

Finally, our Holiday Carnival is over. I believe your passion is not over. Let’s look forward to our next activity together!

According to our previous rules, participants in this Texas Hold’em Competition, in addition to the top 300 players can get generous rewards.

AEX Texas Hold’em Competition Rewards: 🏆Champion can get 1 $BTC; 🥈2nd winner can get MacbookPro+1000 $USDT;🥉 3rd winner can get iPhone12 Pro+500 $USDT…And the 300th winner can get 10 $USDT

(AEX Texas Hold’em Competition Rewards:

🏆Champion can get 1 $BTC;

🥈2nd winner can get Macbook Pro+1000 $USDT;

🥉 3rd winner can get iPhone12 Pro+500 $USDT …

And the 300th winner can get 10 $USDT)

Don’t those of players who rank below 300 have no rewards?

Of course not!!

As long as your points for participating in the Texas Hold’em Competition exceed 3000 GAT point and you have completed the AEX advanced certification, you can claim your rewards!

The calculation of the reward is as follows: The claimed GAT you can get is equal to the GAT point you currently have minus 3000 GAT point.

For example, if Alice has 4000 GAT point after the game is over(2020.12.30 23:00, UTC+8), the initial 3000 GAT point will need to be subtracted. After Alice completes the AEX advanced certification, she can claim 4000–3000=1000 GAT to her AEX account!

How to Claim Your Texas Hold'em Rewards?

(This demonstration uses the AEX APP as a demonstration, the APP and the web version are synchronized.)

1, Open your AEX APP, scroll to the banner at the top of the homepage, click on the banner to enter

2, Enter this page, you will see the “You have unclaimed awards, claim”. Click this botton.

And you will enter in this page. As i said, the player can get 3341–3000=341GAT in his/her AEX account. But you should finish your advanced certification first. Then you can claim it.

After you claiming your rewards, your page will be changed like this:

Then you can check your GAT in your AEX Asset account!

Let’s claim!

IMPORTANT: And please claim it before 2020.1.8 24:00 (UTC + 8), otherwise your reward will be cleared.

And, If you have participated in our Twitter 10-day Tokens Airdrop Activityand have not yet bound your account, please bind as soon as possible. Some bonus binding periods have expired.

How to Get Your Airdrop Token Rewards(AEX Twitter)?

1, Please Bind your AEX ID on CCTip-Twitter-Balance:

2, If you have no AEX ID, please click here and register now.


Please read the rules of the event carefully.

If the event rewards have been sent out when you RT them, the rewards will not be distributed after your participation. If you DO NOT BIND your account according to the rules after participating, we will not be able to obtain your AEX ID from CCTip and issue rewards, so you will not be able to distribute rewards.

We will send the airdrop token rewards to your AEX account before January 15. You are also welcome to share your joy of winning with other friends!

❤️ Thank you for your warm participation, see you next time!❤️

AEX Team

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AEX is a global digital assets integrated service platform with information, community, financial management and digital currency trading since 2013.

Contact us:
Twitter: @aexplus
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