GAT, an Upcoming Fashion Trend Become the Newest Darling in Platform Cryptocurrency

  • Vitality Contribution: Users who participate in specific trading can automatically get GAT, which promotes the circulation of GAT in liquidity mining.
  • Consensus Consolidation: You can get more GAT by holding GAT in finance management. The greater the total lock-up amount, the higher the user recognition.
  • Brand influence raises: The sharing principle of GAT eco-value makes brand communication behaviors done by users more valuable. If you recommend others to participate in the AEX business, you can get additional GAT revenue.
  • Deduction Fee: GAT can be used to deduct the withdrawal fee on AEX.
  • Trading Pairs: GAT will be used as the unit of account to support a variety of popular spot trading. GAT acts as intermediary crypto equal to USDT/BTC, creating a bridge between spot trading.
  • Priority Right: Part of welfare activities in AEX will be based on GAT, and users with GAT can participate in priority.
  • Community Value-added service: GAT will be used for a variety of value-added services in the AEX community.




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