Ethereum London Hard Fork: Change Will Come to ETH Economic Model

Why Does Ethereum Need to Hard Fork?

The Ethereum blockchain was founded by Vitalick Buterin and Charles Hoskinson in July 2015. It leaped to second in the digital currency market value after eight months of its launch, with an investment return rate of over 8100 fold, which has not been beyond by other chains so far. In public chain project, Ethereum chain asset has the most abundant categories and the richest DApp, aggregating out large ecosystem user group.

What Is Ethereum London Hard Fork

In 2021, Ethereum will have three hard forks, there is “Berlin” in April, “London” of this time, and “Shanghai” expected in October respectively. It’s important to point out that the hard fork caused by pure technology will not create new digital assets.

Which impacts will Ethereum bring?

Now, Exchanges including AEX have ready for the “London hard fork”. We will guarantee users’ asset safety.



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