DeFi Pool Adds ATA、MASK- Up to 32.5% APY! 2% Flash interest-raise — 200,000 GAT to Win!

2 min readAug 26, 2021


Fellow AEXs,

AEX has committed to holding an activity “Participate in ATA、MASK savings 200,000 GAT to be Won!” to celebrate the launch of ATA、MASK savings products in the DeFi pool. The details are as follows:

Activity Time:

2021–08–26 to 2021–08–31

Activity Content:

Participate in ATA、MASK Savings 200,000 GAT to be Won!

Participants invest ATA、MASK-DeFi pool during the activity to qualify for sharing 200,000 GAT!

PS: Novices can also get an extra 0.5% interest-raise savings revenue.

Enjoy 2% interest-raise rewards — up to 20.5% APY

Users who invite friends to participate in ATA、MASKsavings will get 2% interest-raise rewards and 5% rebate rewards. If friends are new users, they will get a 0.5% interest-raise coupon.

Terms & Conditions:

1.This activity is only for the ATA、MASK-DeFi pool, and users can participate in these two activities at the same time;

2.The revenue formula=Total personal investment amount during the event /ATA、MASK cumulative investment amount of all participants during the event *200,000 GAT;

3.The interest-raise rewards will be distributed in the form of a rebate within 7 working days after the event;

4.AEX has the right to cancel a user’s entitlement to a prize if he/she gets the prize by unscrupulous means when the event is going on;

5.AEX reserves the ultimate right to interpret the event.

Risk warning: Cryptocurrencies are innovative investments that prices may fluctuate violently. Users are requested to rationally judge their own risk tolerance and make decisions prudently.

AEX Operation Team

August 26, 2021(UTC)

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