Celebrate the 8th Anniversary

2 min readAug 12, 2021


Gift GAT for Value-added

In 2013, AEX started to enter the public view, To data, AEX upgraded trade matchmaking business into the digital asset bank combined trade, saving, loan, and investment as a whole, and converged value currency and people around the world, enhancing the liquidation and value-added of the digital asset.

On the 8th anniversary, AEX first launches the activity that shares posters to grab 80,000 GAT. You can use GAT for such businesses as trade, perpetual contracts, yield farming, DeFi, and saving, especially for novices who can quickly share the benefit of AEX value-added.


1. Activity: Celebrate the 8th Anniversary Gift GAT for Value-added

2. Time: From Aug. 12 to Aug. 18,2021


1) Share assigned topic posters to grab GAT

2)Share 300,000 GAT in total

Welcome AEX members and global blockchain fans!

5. How to participate?

1) Forward your favorite topic posters in the mass media(such as Telegram, Twitter, Linkin, Blockchain forum, and industry media)

2) Screenshot your shared page

3) Fill out the form: https://forms.gle/ixE6TYU4fRKMVYE6A

6. Material

The following materials are the activity poster. You can forward one or more posters. If needing words, you can refer to the following “testimonial”.

1) Poster(Optional)


(Alternative. You can write whatever you want, or refer to the following)
① Celebrate the 8th Anniversary, Gift GAT for Value-added!
② 8-year exchange, walk with you!
③ 8-year exchange, the best DeFi/NFT mining!

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