Bounty Programme MacBook/iphone12 / MaoTai/The Hottes crypto- AXS Airdrop | Free Giveaways Waiting for You to Grab!

Activity 1: Invite Friends

  • The invited user just need to fulfill any one task(saving or loan) equal to 100 USDT(Borrowing for at least 3 days) to get the reward;
  • During the activity, if inviters withdraw currency, as agreed to give up qualification;
  • Only show the winner,The rank will be in this announcement, and we will publish at 5 PM every day.
  • If someone has the same invitation amount as others, we will rank based the chronological order.


Activity 2: Novice Exclusive

  • The user can only participate in either this activity or wealth activity.
  • In-kind rewards can only be distributed in mainland China. If users in other regions receive in-kind prizes, the prizes will be converted into equivalent gat for distribution;
  • The token rewards will be delivered within 7 working days after the end of the activity, and the prize in kind will be distributed within 15 working days after the end of the activity.
  • AEX has the right to cancel a user’s entitlement to a prize if he/she gets the prize by unscrupulous means.
  • AEX reserves the ultimate right to interpret the event.




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