All People Can Capture Value From DAOs

What is DAO?

The concept of DAO was first introduced by American author Ori Brafman in a book called “the starfish and the spider”. In the book, he compared centralized organizations to spiders and distributed organizations to starfish.

DAO has Five Typical Features

  • Decentralization: Community rules are set by the community and will not be controlled by centralized organizations; no hierarchical structure.
  • Tokenization: Token is used as a condition of participation as well as an incentive mechanism to promote the development of DAO, etc.
  • Autonomy: Community members participate in the governance of the community autonomously without the need for employment.
  • Autonomous management: DAOs are governed by all community members in the form of community proposals and votes.
  • Openness and Transparency: Most DAOs are based on blockchain technology and smart contracts with rules,roles, processes and the results of each decision from proposal, discussion, to voting are publicly recorded and traceable.
  • The test of your work is not your boss or HR, but directly the market
  • You get a cash return, but also a part of the project income and decision-making power
  • Check out guides and links to useful pages in your target organization’s social media and online resources
  • Join Discord and start contributing to your area of interest
  • Earn on-chain compensation and reap the benefits

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