AEX Vietnam Endorser Competition Begins- 100,000 USDT Giveaways!

3 min readApr 2, 2022


With the launch of the Vietnam Operation Center, AEX Global started the Vietnamese Blockchain Eco-development Plan with 100,000,000 USD. Recently, AEX announced that they will launch the ‘Vietnam Endorser Competition’ activity on April 7, 2022. The top 3 endorsers will get over 2,000,000,000 VND rewards(valued at 100,000 USD), among which the champion will get 1,500,000,000 VND(valued at 66,666 USD), the prize for second place is 380,000,000 VND(valued at 16,666 USD), and the third place gets 150,000,000 VND(valued at 6,666 USD). The top 10 will get the rewards and customized NFT! AEX Global declares its global business expansion with a high endorsement bonus and endorsers voted by users is also in line with the current DAO principle in the blockchain ecosystem, which will further establish AEX Vietnam ecosystem.

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Different from other crypto exchanges, AEX Global doesn’t cooperate with sports stars for brand exposure, nine years of experience have led AEX to opt for a more ecologically oriented DAO style instead. By community voting to select the native KOL(s), Vietnam blockchain investors can deeply involve themselves in ecological construction and also share crypto finance development bonuses. Currently, AEX has launched dozens of ecological activities, providing global blockchain investors with diversified portfolios.

“AEX Global Vietnam Operation Center has launched a series of ecological activities for Vietnamese users, for example Vietnam Endorser Competition, Up To 1,000 USDT Registration Rewards, 100% Novice Finance APR, Trading Sharing Of 200,000 USDT, and KAI Token Giveaways In Listing Desk and so on. From the very first moment a user enters, he/she can enjoy richer investment ideas and obtain higher returns as the platform provides them with comprehensive and complete finance events. AEX crypto service platform gathers business models such as Finance, Loan, Mining, and DeFi as it is striving to provide a stable, safe, and professional digital finance management service for users around the world”, said by Brand spokesperson of AEX, Shergina Asya.

The closer you look, The further you see. AEX Global Service Platform is continually developing, and our goal is to provide 1 billion people with safe, complete, simple, and diversified crypto finance management service in the next 9 years.

Vietnam Endorser Competition is in full swing, up to 100,000 USDT Giveaway, rewards sending the top 10 competitors and the Champion gets 66,666 USDT!

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