AEX to Conduct ILO for NFT Cross-chain Protocol ENVELOP (NIFTSY)


On October 21, the NFT cross-chain protocol ENVELOP will make its global debut with AEX. AEX will simultaneously launch ILO of NIFTSY. Users can get NIFTSY tokens for free by locking in the corresponding tokens assets.

What is ENVELOP?

ENVELOP (NIFTSY) is a flexible cross-chain toolset that can empower any NFT with new features (economic settings, on-chain royalties, leasing mechanisms, time, value, event locks, etc.) and help users to preserve the value of NFT which can also provide an anti-fraud system.

The NIFTSY will further enrich the NFT categories of the digital asset ecosystem of AEX Exchange.

AEX ILO ON ENVELOP: 04:00–10:00,10.21.2021 (UTC)

NIFTS/ USDT trading pair open time: 12:00,10.21.2021 (UTC)

What is ILO?

The ILO financial model was first proposed by AEX Exchanges, the full name is Initial Lock Offerings. ILO and IEO (Initial Exchange Offerings) are both initiated by exchanges, but ILO is more open and inclusive. When users participate in IEO, they can only buy project tokens with platform coins. In ILO, users only need to lock positions in the AEX platform coin GAT or USDT, USDC, BTC, ETH, BNB, and other specified assets to obtain the project tokens.

In the ILO participation mechanism of ENVELOP (NIFTSY), AEX provides several kinds of tokens and the lockup periods for users to choose freely. Users can participate with their existing tokens without having to purchase specific digital assets, which is extremely convenient. Of course, the size and duration of the locked tokens funds will affect the number of NIFTSY.

ILO, a non-financing issuance method, allows users to obtain NIFTSY tokens at almost zero cost, with minimal sunk costs. At the same time, ILO is a more advanced airdrop model that distributes Tokens to target users in various crypto-asset communities. It can quicken steps in gathering consensus at the beginning of the issue and increase the volume of ENVELOP users, which will also expand its brand awareness.

Risk warning: Cryptocurrencies are innovative investments that prices may fluctuate violently. Users are requested to rationally judge their own risk tolerance and make decisions prudently.

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