AEX Supports Polkadot Slot Bidding for One-Stop Polka Value Capture at AEX Global

Why Do The Slot Bidding?

Polkadot works to build a network protocol that allows all blockchains that access this architecture to better accomplish message interaction with each other. Polkadot builds an architecture of relay chains and parallel chains. Parallel chains need to pass through slots on relay chains in order to pass cross-chain messages with other parallel chains, while public chains with non-parallel chain structures need to link to slots on relay chains again by means of transfer bridges in order to enjoy cross-chain functions. So, to enjoy the cross-chain function provided by Polka, you need to get a slot on the relay chain.

Competitive Auction Mechanism Ensures Parallel Chain Diversity

The Polkadot slot auction is an improved bidding method based on the candle auction, where bidders bid randomly and the highest bidder wins at the end of a random auction time. To prevent bidders from not wanting to bid early and launching an auction attack at the end of the auction, Polkadot uses a random beacon based on a VRF that will provide the basis for randomness, which will retroactively determine the “end time” of the auction.

AEX Polkadot Capture Forward-Looking Layout

As Polka downplays competition with public chains and becomes a linker, the Polka ecosystem is growing rapidly. In addition to the main chain coin DOT, a series of assets of Polka ecology are entering the exchange circulation one after another, which are further recognized by global mainstream exchanges and users. aex noticed the value of cross-chain integrated public chain Polka early on, and AEX research institute included it in the research special and made a forward-looking layout in business.

AEX Operation Team

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