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Time: April 22, 2021-July 31, 2021

👉 👉 👉 AEX Global Financial Ambassador application form: https://forms.gle/z2CDqC48donrcSGs5

1. What is AEX Global Financial Ambassador? How to apply for the AEX Global Financial Ambassador?

AEX Global Financial Ambassador, as the global promotion partners of AEX’s financial business, will assist AEX’s financial business segment to operate in the global market and jointly build a blockchain global ecosystem.

  • Registration conditions:

You can apply for the AEX Global Financial Ambassador if you meet any two of the following conditions:

(1) Have experience in the promotion and drainage of related businesses in the blockchain industry;

(2) Have experience in the promotion and drainage of related businesses in the financial industry;

(3) Have social media accounts in mature operation, not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, blockchain column numbers, etc.;

(4) Have experience in building and operating communities independently;

(5) Have relevant business resources that can be grafted;

  • Application process:

(1)Fill in the AEX Global Financial Ambassador application form

(2)AEX official Review

(3)Eligible applicants will be officially hired by AEX as AEX Global Financial Ambassadors

👉 👉 👉 AEX Global Financial Ambassador application form: https://forms.gle/z2CDqC48donrcSGs5

2. What are the benefits of becoming a AEX Global Financial Ambassador

(1)Super high rebate-exclusive up to 20% AEX Loan rebate and 8% Finance rebate;

(2)Tiered basic salary-200 USDT, 500 USDT, 1500 USDT fixed base salary (GAT equivalent);

(3)High bonus-AEX will set up a AEX Global Financial Ambassador Bonus Pool with the equivalent of GAT worth 30,000 USDT. All AEX Global Financial Ambassador will share 50% of the bonus according to the number of invitees in the current month; all AEX Global Financial Ambassador will be based on the total amount of borrowed coins + FInance of the invitees in the current month. The total amount of funds will be divided into 50% of the bonus according to the ratio;

(4)Exclusive peripherals-customized exclusive peripheral gifts about AEX Global Financial Ambassador;

(5)Exclusive gifts-enjoy exclusive gifts during holidays;

3. What do I need to do after becoming a AEX Global Financial Ambassador?

The specific AEX Global Financial Ambassador level mechanism is as follows:

The level of AEX Global Financial Ambassador is reviewed once a month, based on the actual situation of the month and combined with each AEX Global Financial Ambassador level standard. At the same time, the three conditions of the level are deemed to be up to the standard, and a fixed base salary and monthly bonus will be issued early next month. At the same time, ambassadors will enjoy the AEX Loan rebate ratio and AEX Finance rebate ratio of the ambassador level next month.

  • Rating review conditions:

1. Effective invitation to users: the invitee (only for first-time in financial management/loaning users) has any behavior in AEX Loan or AEX Finance, it is a valid invitation

(Note: Users who only use the financial experience coupons are considered invalid users, check the AEX Invitation commission rebate.)

2. Calculation method of total loaning amount/ total Finance management: refers to the total amount of token in AEX Loan or total Finance management of the invitee in the current month, as long as one meets the standard.

3. The definition of the number of the telegram community: the community needs to meet the minimum reward standard, that is, a telegram community of 150 people. It only needs to ensure that the number of people in the community meets the standard every month.

  • About AEX Global Financial Ambassador reward settlement and issuance

About the time settlement of becoming a AEX Global Financial Ambassador

(1) Become a AEX Global Financial Ambassador before the 25th. If you can meet the standard that month, you can still count according to the current month and enjoy the salary rewards of the current month.

(2) Become a AEX Global Financial Ambassador after the 25th, the performance of the current month will be included in the performance of the next month, unified statistics, and enjoy the salary bonus of the next month.

4. Why choose AEX Finance

1. There are more than one million users choose AEX exchange since 2013. 8 years of safe operation experience, a powerful platform to guard your assets.

2. Professional financial product platform: Finance(including AEX Defi Pool), lending, installment purchase and other financial products

3. A platform that enjoys a variety of product rebates (the AEX Global Financial Ambassador can enjoy a higher rebate ratio)

  • 5% commission in AEX Finance(including AEX Defi Pool)
  • 10% commission in AEX Loan
  • 30% commission in AEX Spot Trading
  • 2% commission in AEX ASwap

AEX website: https://www.aex.cool/

About AEX: https://www.aex.cool/page/about_us.html#/

5. Why choose the wealth management loan track

With the development of the industry, more and more blockchain derivatives and related service supporting industries have begun to emerge. Financial products have become an important branch of the industry, and more and more high-quality users are increasingly demanding such products. The bigger, at the same time, the high profitability of financial products in the currency circle determines its super competitiveness. Pledged lending products have also been used in a variety of scenarios, including particularly popular pledge mining. It is foreseeable that wealth management lending will seize an increasing market share in the next five years. As the first batch of AEX Global Financial Ambassadors, they will accumulate sufficient experience and resources to enjoy the earliest dividends.

6. About the advantages of AEX financial products

  • Why choose AEX Finance?

(1)The cumulative wealth management scale has broken through: 60 billion CNY, which has earned 470 million+ CNY income for users(Our last Monthly Financial Operation Report

(2)High-yield, commitment to principal guarantee, ten-day cycle

(3)Popular financial management: USDT with 26% annualized

Details: https://www.aex.cool/page/new_defi.html#/

  • Why choose AEX Loan:

(1)Accumulated loan scale breakthrough: 6 billion CNY

(2)Support BTC/ETH/USDT and other 40+ currency lending, with the industry’s first Never Liquidation function. Pledge BTC/ETH without fear of market fluctuations, and funds are safer.

(3)You can choose from a variety of borrowing methods.

Term Loan: interest first, capital later, ultra-low interest, ultra-high amount, up to 360 days.

Current Loan: Support 40+ currencies loans, repay as you borrow, and the borrowed currency will arrive in the account within seconds.

Details: https://www.aex.cool/page/borrow_trade.html#/

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👉 👉 👉 AEX Global Financial Ambassador application form: https://forms.gle/z2CDqC48donrcSGs5

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