AEX Product: AEX ASwap Pool

What is DeFi?

DeFi, Decentralized Finance product, refers to such products as decentralized loan, decentralized finance, decentralized exchange, for example, uniswap(UNI), sushiswap(SUSHI), compound(COMP), aave(AAVE), curve(CRV), balancer(BAL), bancor(BNT), harvest(FARM), pancake(CAKE), mdex(MDX), and so on.

What is “ASwap Pool”?

The ASwap Pool is a mining pool. It originated from Bitcoin mining pools, when a large number of coins applying SHA256 POW algorithm appeared on the market, such as BTC, BCH, BSV, etc. Due to the same algorithm, a mining machine can mine both BTC and BCH, and with the fluctuation of the price, the miner sometimes mines BCH more cost-effective, and sometimes BSV better, so the miners designed an algorithm to calculate which coin is currently more cost-effective to mine based on price changes and mining output to help miners switch in real-time. Since it’s like an intelligent robot, it sweeps where the revenue is high, so this kind of mining pool has a name “AEX ASwap Pool”.

Working principle and income source of ASwap Smart Pool

The previous article has explained the original design of the ASwap Pool and the concept of “Smart Pool + SWAP”. Now, let’s talk about the working principle of ASwap Pool. The core of the back-end AI scheduling algorithm of ASwap is a scheduling system we call DexRoute, which has 3 types of adaptation models. To avoid trade secrets leakage, we can only explain the basic concept of ASwap and will not disclose the technical details.

  1. When the trading pairs in the ASwap Smart Pool, only one asset can participate in dex mining, the scheduling is more complex than the first, and the revenue is also more complicated, it may take 2000 words to describe its scheduling algorithm here, which is omitted for the time being.
  2. When the transaction pairs in the ASwap machine gun pool, both assets can participate in the dex but belong to two different transaction pairs or two different public chains on the dex, the scheduling algorithm is equal to the Double of the 2nd case, again not described in detail.

Which new things does ASwap Smart Pool have?

1) We can view the details of GAT repurchased every day, the amount of GAT issued as interest, and the amount that will be used for destruction (the destruction has been done since 2021/06/01, once a week). The ratio of interest issuance and destruction is currently set at 98 to 2. We will try different ratios to test the actual operational effect.

AEX Operation Team

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