AEX Product: AEX ASwap Pool

What is DeFi?

What is “ASwap Pool”?

Working principle and income source of ASwap Smart Pool

  1. When the trading pairs in the ASwap Pool are exactly the same as that in the dex, the system will use the Equal Scale Deposit Model (ESDM). In the AMM constant product algorithm, when the price fluctuates by 50%, the asset shrinkage of the weakened side of the SWAP pool is 33.33%. Therefore, if we set the price fluctuation of 50% as the alert bottom, then, in fact, 65% of the assets will not be used when the price fluctuates by 50% or less, so we will transfer 65% of the assets to the dex simultaneously, and when the price fluctuation is close to 50%, the back-end scheduling system will redeem liquidity from the dex, keeping the ASwap Pool away from the alert bottom at all times. However, in practice, the risk of volatility varies from pair to pair, and our risk control team will observe the actual situation and adjust the parameters. In this model, the platform is completely free from the impermanent loss of yield farming, and the mining proceeds are not subject to additional loss deductions , which can be used in full to exchange for GAT (This is also the main source of revenue for the ASwap Smart Pool).
  2. When the trading pairs in the ASwap Smart Pool, only one asset can participate in dex mining, the scheduling is more complex than the first, and the revenue is also more complicated, it may take 2000 words to describe its scheduling algorithm here, which is omitted for the time being.
  3. When the transaction pairs in the ASwap machine gun pool, both assets can participate in the dex but belong to two different transaction pairs or two different public chains on the dex, the scheduling algorithm is equal to the Double of the 2nd case, again not described in detail.

Which new things does ASwap Smart Pool have?

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