AEX Operation Weekly Report (8.29–9.4)

3 min readSep 7, 2020


The 115th (2020/8/29–2020/9/4)

1. AEX

Founded in 2013, AEX is a global digital asset trading service platform dedicated to building a trustworthy digital asset bank for millions of users. Since its establishment, AEX has held the principle of neutrality and do not be evil, advocates safe investment and stable value-added.

2. GAT Ecology

GAT is a global token officially launched by AEX, with a total circulation of 23 billion without inflation. Since its launch, the GAT ecosystem has been developing vigorously and has achieved more than 12 ecological construction results, more plans to be launched in the future.

Global market capitalization: ¥349 million
Current currency price: ¥0.0251
Total circulation: 13,937,264,767 GAT

On September 4, AEX announced the 115th GAT Buyback and Burning Announcement, with a total of 10,376,763 GAT burned during this period. For now, the sum total of 1,862,735,233 GAT have been burned.

3. AEX New Listing

3.1.AEX Perpetual Contract lists BSV, ETC, XRP, LINK, TRX, ATOM, DOT

On August 31, AEX officially launched BSV Perpetual Contract, ETC Perpetual Contract, XRP Perpetual Contract, LINK Perpetual Contract, TRX Perpetual Contract, ATOM Perpetual Contract and DOT Perpetual Contract. For the time being, you can only experience the contract function through the web terminal, other domains and app are not supported.

3.2.AEX Lending Product lists DOT with daily rate of 0.03%

On September 1, in order to provide users with more convenient lending services and meet more diverse borrowing needs, the team discussed and decided to add the pledge borrowing function of currency DOT, which can borrow more than 20 currencies with a daily interest rate of only 0.03% for a maximum of 180 days.

3.3 AEX lists SUSHI, CVP, YFV

On September 1, in order to provide users with more trading currency choices, the AEX USDT innovation board officially launched SUSHI, CVP, YFV. Now, SUSHI/USDT, CVP/USDT, YFV/USDT trading pairs are available.

3.4 AEX lists PCX

On September 1, in order to provide users with more trading currency choices, the AEX USDT innovation board was officially launched on PCX, and PCX deposit, trading and community activities were carried out at the same time. The activities are still in progress.


On September 3, in order to provide users with more trading currency choices, the AEX USDT innovation board officially launched TRADE, KIMCHI, XRT, DF, HAKKA, DXD and PEARL. And currently available for TRADE/USDT, KIMCHI/USDT, XRT/USDT, DF/USDT, HAKKA/USDT, DXD/USDT, PEARL/USDT trading.

4. AEX News

4.1. AEX AMA with ChainX

On September 1st, AEX AMA invited ChainX CMO Kristen to discuss topics such as “ChainX will create new opportunities for DeFi”. Join the group to participate in the AMA and receive up to 3.5 PCX for free.

4.2. AEX launches Brand Partnership Program

On August 31, AEX launches a Brand Partnership Program, inviting fans to send AEX-related information on various mainstream media industry platforms to complete designated tasks, and the platform will give corresponding rewards based on the completion of the task.

4.3. AEX launches DeFi Vault YFV Pool Mining phase 1 and phase 2, Plasm Mining Pool phase 1 and DeFi Vault SUSHI Pool Mining phase 1

On September 1st and 2nd, AEX launched the new DeFi Vault Pool Mining-YFV Phase 1 and Phase 2, Plasm Mining Pool Phase 1, and DeFi Vault SUSHI Pool Mining phase 1. Participating users can enjoy 25% fixed annualized + floating income

4.4. AEX launches Inviting Challenge

On September 3, AEX launched an Invitating Challenge. Participants can share 1800 USDT + massive GAT.

4.5. AEX launches “Locked GAT to participate in DeFi liquidity mining”

Up to now, AEX has sold out four phases of locked GAT mining, with an annualized rate of about 50%~500%.

4.6. AEX opens 5% off subscription for GAT+25% principal return

On September 3, AEX repurchased 2 million USDT equivalent GAT from the market for 5% off GAT subscription activities. Locked GAT can get up to 25% higher principal return.

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