AEX Operation Weekly Report (8.15–8.21)

The 114th (2020/8/15–2020/8/21)

1. AEX

Founded in 2013, AEX is a global digital asset trading service platform dedicated to building a trustworthy digital asset bank for millions of users. Since its establishment, AEX has held the principle of neutrality and do not be evil, advocates safe investment and stable value-added.

2. GAT Ecology

GAT is a global token officially launched by AEX, with a total circulation of 23 billion without inflation. Since its launch, the GAT ecosystem has been developing vigorously and has achieved more than 12 ecological construction results, more plans to be launched in the future.

Global market capitalization: ¥364.3 million

Current currency price: ¥0.0261

Total circulation: 13,957,161,503 GAT

On August 21, AEX announced the 113th GAT Buyback and Burning Announcement, with a total of 11,459,125 GAT burned during this period. For now, the sum total of 1,842,838,497 GAT have been burned.

3. AEX Functions Updates

3.1.AEX Perpetual Contract has been launched (beta)

On August 17, AEX officially launched the contract function, simultaneously opening BTC-USDT perpetual contract, BTC-BUSDT experience contract trading; August 20th, AEX USDT contract trading area officially launched ETH-USDT Perpetual Contract and LTC-USDT Perpetual Contract. At present, all contract products of AEX are in the internal testing stage. In the future, qualifications will be gradually opened and more contract varieties will be launched to meet the needs of investors and users.

3.2.AEX‘s Referral Program upgraded now

On August 20th, AEX’s Referral Program function was upgraded and launched. After inviting friends to register on AEX, you can not only enjoy a 30% commission for friends’spot trading fees, but also a 5% commission for friends’ financial saving product income, and 20% in staking to borrow tokens. Totally you can get triple rebate reward .

4. New Listing

4.1. AEX lists WGRT, win the Porsche 718 Boxster

At 18:00 on August 21st, in order to provide users with more trading currency choices, AEX officially launched the new DeFi currency WGRT. AEX cooperated with the WGRT team to provide benefits. The prizes include Porsche 718 Boxster, BMW G 310 R, Apple iPad, pure gold, etc.

4.2. AEX lists GEM and AMPL in USDT Innovation Trading Board

At 16:00 on August 17, AEX USDT Innovation Board officially launched GEM, AMPL. And now, you can trade GEM/USDT and AMPL/USDT.

4.3. AEX lists NMR and DEP in USDT Innovation Trading Board

At 16:00 on August 18, AEX USDT Innovation Board officially launched NMR and DEP. And now, you can trade NMR/USDT and DEP/USDT.

5. AEX News

5.1.AEX Discussion Community launched Chinese Valentine’s Event

On August 21st, the AEX Discussion Community launched the romantic Chinese Valentine’s Day event: Confession with prizes, Pomp it with your love”. During the event, users participated in confessing to their love and take a selfie, they can win movie tickets and a large amount of prizes such as GAT.

5.2.AEX launches new First-Class Privileges

On August 19th, AEX’s First Class announced the launch of 3 surprise privilege services including exclusive customized quantitative funds for customers, exclusive credit services, and customized joint mining rights, which were well received by customers.

5.3.AEX launches ETH joint mining products, which are snapped up by users

On August 14th, two well-known mining service providers, AEX Joint Flash Mining and Hash Power 360, officially launched ETH joint mining 001 and 002 products(total in 100 ETH mining machines), which were snapped rush by users. At present, Hash Power shows that the two products have been sold out, and the urgently launched 003 products and 004 products totaling 60 machines are also nearly sold out.

5.4.AEX launches CRV and both phases of mining and Financial Saving Products are sold out

On August 15th, AEX officially launched the first phase of CRV mining product (the total amount is 500,000 USDT) and sold out quickly. After discussion and decision by the team, the second phase was launched on August 17 with a total amount of 200,000 USDT, which was once again snapped up by users quickly. Currently, Hash Power Mall shows that both phases of products are sold out.

5.5. The head of AEX Mining team talks with Zhang Lu, the founder of Hash Power 360

At 20:00 on August 18th, Zou Yao, the head of AEX Mining team, talked with the founder of Hash 360, Zhang Lu, and conducted a joint live broadcast with the theme “Grab the mining industry right time!” , comprehensive analysis of joint mining.

5.6. The head of AEX Mining team talks with Lin Nianlong, founder of Flash Mining

At 20:00 on August 19th, Zou Yao, the head of AEX mining team, talked to Flash Mining founder Lin Nianlong, and conducted a AMA with the theme of “New mining oppotunity, analysis of joint mining”.

5.7. AEX’s ETH Joint Mining Launches PandaMiner product

On August 21, AEX’s ETH joint mining officially launched 50 PandaMiner B7 graphics card mining machines for joint mining. Users can get the permanent ownership of the machine and a 6-month warranty.

5.8. AEX Discussion Community homepage ended the Comment Get T-shirt activity

On August 14th, the Comment Get T-shirt activity on the homepage of the AEX Discussion Community has ended. A total of 93 users participated in the activity, 643 comments were sent, and a total of 10 users received rewards.

AEX Team

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