AEX officially introduces ”Global Partner” Program

With the development of the AEX exchange on a global scale, the platform already has millions of users and covers 212 countries around the world. To meet the rapid development of the global business of the AEX exchange, the platform has launched the “Global Partner” program. The Global Partners, in turn, as core members of the AEX exchange, will support the development of markets on a global scale.

I. Conditions for applying for the status of “AEX Global Partner”

You may apply to become an “AEX Global Partner” if you meet one of the following two conditions:

(1) You have experience with promotion in the blockchain industry or related fields;

(2)You have experience in the financial industry or related fields;

(3)Owning and operating SNS accounts, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Blockchain blog, etc;

(4)With experience in building and operating communities;

(5)Having a database of business resources related to Blockchain that can be used for further collaboration.

II. Privileges of the “AEX Global Partner” Program

(1) Four-tier commissions up to 75%: for spot trading, Aswap, financial management, lending and other types of financial transactions;

(2) Fair promotion system: the level of partners’ ability has a mechanism of ascending and descending to fully promote partners’ enthusiasm;

(3)Commissions are quickly available and can be withdrawn at any time: commissions are distributed by quick calculation, and partners can withdraw total income at any time;

(4)Comprehensive platform activity support: comprehensive sections for platform-level user conversions, activities, airdrops, quick deposits, and other methods to help partners convert quickly;

(5)Secure and stable trading platform with 9 years of operation: one of the earliest and largest international exchanges with secured and strong financial power;

(6)Transparent commission data: partners can check the commission data at any time.

II. Introduction of the ”AEX Global Partner” Program

Fill out the “AEX Global Partner” application form here:


About AEX

Founded in 2013, AEX ( is the world’s leading digital asset integrated service platform. AEX’s version is to build a digital asset platform that millions of users can rely on. We embrace the principles of no evil, stable value, and safe investment.

The core team of the platform is composed of senior executives from Tencent and Liebao, and has independent trading business and operation centers in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, and other countries and regions.

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Aex Global

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Aex Global

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