AEX Officially Introduces “Global Ambassador” Program

With the rapid growth of AEX Exchange’s global business, AEX decides to hire AEX Global Ambassador around the world. As a global partner of AEX, an AEX Ambassador should be involved in the exchange’s marketing operations and make joint efforts to create a global business ecosystem.

I. How to apply for AEX Global Ambassador?

Apply for AEX Global Ambassador with any two of the following conditions met:

1.With experience in promoting relevant blockchain business;

2. With experience in promoting relevant finance business

3. Owned mutual operating SNS accounts, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, blockchain blog, etc;

4. With one or more Telegram community groups independently built and operated;

5. With transplantable resources related to blockchain businesses.

II. The classification of AEX Global Ambassador

There are three major AEX Global Ambassadors, Brand Ambassador, Market Ambassador, and Business Ambassador.

III. Privileges of AEX Global Ambassador

After you pass our selection and become an AEX Global Ambassador, you will enjoy the following rights:

Ultra-high Referral — Ambassador exclusive: 45% spot trading fee referral, 8% Aswap referral, 10% loan referral, 6% savings referral;

Level-to level Salary — 300–3000 USDT fixed monthly salary

Exclusive derivative — Global Ambassador customized products

Exclusive Gifts — Exclusive holiday gifts

Exclusive Support — AEX will provide ambassadors with professional operation training, event support, capital support, and community support

IV. Standard and Salary of AEX Global Ambassador

Notes: If the recommended project is successfully listed token on AEX, the Business ambassador will get 10% total listed token cost

V. The Rewards of AEX Global Ambassador

AEX Global Ambassador rating is reviewed once a month. The rating is based on the actual situation of the month and in combination with various global ambassador rating standards. The monthly salary will be paid according to the above situation. A Global Ambassador will have the exclusive commission of trade, loan, savings, and Aswap, and the salary will be paid in the form of GAT, with the value based on the conversion of the closing price of the day before the payment.

Click the URL to apply for AEX Global Ambassadors:

AEX Operation Team

Oct 20, 2021(UTC)

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