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8 min readJul 15, 2021

Nowadays, there are more than 10 thousand digital asset exchanges for cryptocurrencies. Users hope to get benefit from wealth value-added. The top exchanges, led by Binance, Huobi, and Coinbase, have good trading volume, but do they effectively increase wealth for most participants? It is a subject worth considering.

AEX upgrade matchmaking into a digital asset commercial bank integrating trading, finance, lending, and investment to enhance the circulation and benefits of digital assets unprecedentedly, achieving the dual effect of “User Wealth Increase, Enhance the value of Tokens” through multi-chain Defi, community communication space construction and other strategies. While ensuring stability and incentive, AEX makes users really have the right to acquire and distribute wealth and has the widest revenue source.

  1. Multiple financial mode Wide revenue aggregations

AEX provides various financial products to expand revenue sources for users apart from long and short two-way positions to raise money as a trading platform. As for online cryptocurrencies, AEX first focuses on matchmaking to increase the value of tokens.

The spot trading zone drives value through circulation. Four trading sequences of USDT, USDC, CNC, and BTC can meet the rapid trading and conversion between various tokens, and users can seek good opportunities in price fluctuations.

In perpetual contracts, users can take advantage of the rising/falling prices of digital assets by deciding whether they are going up or down and long and short two-way positions.

In ASWAP, AEX automatically makes the market and share trading depth. Users make transactions with the working capital pool with the efficiency of the flash exchange of coins. Due to the great volume of reserve of the capital pool, users do not need to worry about the transaction even for the cryptocurrencies with low popularity and few participants. Users can quickly build positions to implement the cryptocurrency reserve after making investment decisions.

And then, AEX deploys rich financial modules to provide earning cryptocurrency opportunities. The deployment of various financial derivatives can make users’ benefits more diversified. Financial derivatives, such as Financial, Mortgage, and so on, provide a platform for AEX users with enough space to allocate idle assets to obtain ideal value-added.


AEX Financial is the bank model of deposit interest-bear in the digital world, providing a benefits strategy that is timely and convenient. The current saving is flexible and convenient for depositing and fetching. The term saving is more stable, and also can be transferred in the convertible bond market in emergency response.

Stake and loan are benefit strategies without using the principal. By borrowing cryptocurrencies, users can access more revenue opportunities with limited resources. When users are in urgent need of a certain cryptocurrency, they can choose to pledge the existing tokens for lending and obtain the free disposal of other cryptocurrencies. Lenders can gain interest by lending out investments through C2C. The AEX Loan has supported more than 30 cryptocurrencies (such as BTC, LTC, ETH, GAT, etc.) to meet users’ demand for large loans. AEX Loan also developed the function of never bursting the position, presetting the retention period of the position to make the capital more secure.

AEX aggregates multiple fields of the industrial chain to allow users to increase wealth in each step. AEX Mining Supermarket provides token production opportunities through mining and Hashrate makes users grasp the upstream of the industrial chain. Installment Purchase, first created by AEX, allows users to quickly possess cryptocurrencies with high value (such as BTC) and enjoy the benefits of price appreciation in the secondary market in advance. AEX, a company based on information build up a fortune, has a lot of community modules on the home page, such as the latest industry information, disclosure, providing users with communication space to facilitate scientific investment decisions.

2.Multi-chain DEFI, without cross-chain value regeneration

Nowadays, most Defi projects are built on a public chain and only support assets on their own chain. Although cross-chain technology (currently only one-way) has made it possible for heterogeneous chains to circulate tokens, the on-chain operating difficulty has blocked many people from distributed finance. Moreover, the intercommunication between different chains requires cross-chain communication (such as BSC, HECO, and EOS) to enter the DeFi ecology of the other chain, making the integration between multiple chains quite difficult. If users find good Defi projects on other chains, they need to transfer their assets, which can be cumbersome.

It is clear that with strong on-chain user interaction, two-way assets no crossing, and mutual experience among ecological applications, DeFi project can better leverage the value-added of digital assets. AEX multi-chain structure means that AEX has a steady flow of value assets into the foundation. Non-cross-chain-driven asset injection will provide ample momentum for the continuous expansion of its liquidity capital pool.

ASwap, Multichain Aggregation for Fluid Mining. ASWAP is a fluid mining product developed by AEX based on the Automated Market Maker (AMM) principle. Traditional distributed protocols such as Uniswap, MDEX, and Pancake Swap can only trade assets and liquidity mining on their own public chain protocols. Due to the asset aggregation function in AEX, assets in all chains can be circulated on ASWAP without barriers. ASWAP successfully expands the liquidity mining from one chain to multi chains. Theoretically, ETH, BSC, HECO, TRON, and other protocol assets can freely add relevant transaction pairs to the liquidity pool in ASWAP, and users can participate in the mining of various chain assets without cross-chain to obtain profits. It can also quickly complete the high-yield switch between different capital pools according to the return of the liquidity pool.

DEFI smart mining is an intelligent high-yield pool. Although everyone will choose to invest in high-yield mining cryptocurrencies, the high yield that has been chosen will become low yield due to the market conditions, mining people's real-time changes, mining income in the dynamic adjustment. AEX smart mining service is a strategic mine pool that achieves the optimal return through intelligent scheduling. That means that any asset participating in this business can be used as a foundational asset to gain more cryptocurrencies in AEX. AEX will transfer funds/mine to the higher-yielding DEFI project for mining according to the level of real-time mining income, providing users with a one-click opportunity to participate in the high-yielding DEFI project.

3. Asset self-holding Benefits safety

In the digital currency industry, the effectiveness of income needs to be guaranteed by the self-holding of assets. Otherwise, what you earn may only be a number. Even the principal cannot be retrieved, the income becomes empty. To ensure the safety of assets technically and avoid the artificial risk in the mechanism are the prerequisites for effective payment of income.

AEX mine valuable cryptocurrency and repeatedly create revenue myth. In the selection of more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies, revenue destruction is the most fatal for users, which means they are very worried about the risk of “the issuer stops operation and the asset (revenue) returns to zero”. To this end, AEX considers the listed currencies from different perspectives, giving priority to the potential cryptocurrencies, so that users can make the revenue have the “stable” characteristics at the beginning of purchasing a certain token to improve the probability of high return. For example, DOGE, XRP, BTS, XEM, XLM, and other cryptocurrencies, these cryptocurrencies that were introduced for the first time, have increased by more than 10,000 times. Many regular users also benefit from high-quality tokens. The GAT in AEX returned 1,876 % on its investment, second only to Binance’s BNB among major exchanges.

AEX pledges extreme protection safety and transparent user benefits. Technically, AEX provides multiple protections, such as isolation of online and offline wallets, isolation of network production and research, regular professional anti-penetration tests, isolation of access to specific codes, and early warning of abnormal changes by the intelligent analysis system. The strictly operated data system can deal with all kinds of extreme situations. The establishment of exclusive asset management positions has realized the transparency of all business data and thoroughly solved the risks that seriously affect the user’s asset security, such as internal operation risks, business moral hazard, and asset embezzlement caused by human factors.

AEX performance manifests strength and its reserve guarantee efficiency. Since its establishment in 2013, AEX has been in stable operation for 8 years, maintaining a record of 0 cases of serious system safety accidents, and safeguarding the safety of users’ assets (income). The existence of reserve system improves the transparency of business data to the extreme. For example, 100% reserve and off-line wallet address in five currencies that is DASH, VSYS, KEY, TYT and Atom separately, make the exchange of assets more secure and efficient for users.

Under the comprehensive protection of asset safety, cryptocurrency safety, and platform reputation, AEX ‘s principal and revenue can be withdrawn at any time, and users grasp the right to control assets. This kind of guarantee with a feature of safe investment and steady wealth added make users naturally rest assured to continue to make new investment and financial management and make the income into the underlying assets for value creation.

In addition, AEX also strengthens the connection between diversified financial model businesses through AEX cryptocurrency GAT, which makes AEX assets more liquid, users more interactive and promotes the innovation of financial derivatives more dynamic.

Dealmaking is the basic configuration for users to obtain profits from AEX. The AEX cryptocurrency GAT will participate in the AEX platform ecosystem as an enabling role. DeFi, which does not need to cross the chain, will enable users of all public chains to participate in the platform’s ecological interaction with an unprecedented increase in kinetic energy, contributing a steady stream of users and capital flows to achieve the user’s ultimate dream of continuously acquiring wealth in the digital asset exchange.

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