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The data from CoinTrendz showed that BTC was the top with 162 comments in the ranking of hourly Twitter comments yesterday, SOL ranked second with 147 comments and the third was ETH with 86 comments. The fourth to tenth places for comments are: DOGE(71)、XTZ(66)、ADA(58)、LINK(38)、SHIB(30)、LUNA(24)、BNB(24).

At present, all the above 10 cryptocurrencies are listed on AEX. Users can not only trade, but also obtain benefits in the DeFi mining pool. The DeFi mining pool provides an opportunity for you to earn cryptocurrencies.

For example, the real-time return rate of the SOL that ranks second is 18%. It will not affect the urgent need for mobilization with a short investment horizon.


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July 17, 2021 (UTC)

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