AEX has launched a National Plan and established a $100 million fund to support Vietnam’s blockchain ecosystem

5 min readMar 21, 2022


On March 21, 2022, Shergina Asya, the AEX Chief Brand Officer, announced in an interview with Cointelegraph that AEX will open the global ecological strategy and officially launch the global national plan. Through a new ecological strategy and brand image redesign, AEX aims to return to the forefront of the industry and establish a $100 million ecological fund to support industry development. The fund will be used for global project parties and aims to accelerate the development of the entire blockchain sector. The goal is to incubate more high-quality projects, achieve regulatory compliance for crypto-financial businesses, and explore the possibilities of blockchain-related policies and regulations with regulatory authorities in various countries.

AEX achievements and goals

As one of the oldest exchanges in the industry, AEX has been on the exchange circuit for 9 years. From the Bit38 to AEX, AEX has always been at the forefront of the industry in terms of technical reserves, asset size, and user community.

AEX offers a variety of business models including: Fiat Currency Trading, Spot Trading, ASwap, DeFi Pool, Staking, Fixed Savings, Flexible Savings, Term Loan, Demand Loan, C2C Loan, etc. The platform combines more than 300 valuable currencies such as BTC, ETH, Dogecoin, SOL, BNB, etc. The financial security business has been in operation for more than 1060 days, with a cumulative investment amount of about $770 billion, and it has brought more than 13,750 people an income of $194.67 million.

With the deepening of the global operating system, AEX has accumulated enough products and users, and has successfully won the recognition and praise of users from all over the world. At present, hundreds of AEX ambassadors are successfully operating in nearly 200 countries, providing advanced operational services to users around the world. In this context, AEX has formulated a more open, free, and inclusive environmental development direction and established a global environmental fund to support high-quality crypto projects in various countries and provide them with capital for incubation and strategic support. The first tranche of $100 million to support the development of Vietnam’s blockchain infrastructure has already been established and, together with AEX’s national plan, will provide strong financial support for the targeted development of local blockchain projects.

Projects that apply to participate in the AEX ecosystem not only receive tremendous financial support, but also benefit from AEX’s long-term media, community, and technical layout, which offers a wide range of support and incentives to project participants. This includes extensive resource support, such as a user base of tens of millions of people in AEX’s global ecosystem, presence in the media matrix, funding support and financial management. In particular, AEX Global has been heavily involved in the globally popular concepts of Metaverse, DeFi, GameFi, and NFT, and was involved in the early development of many projects. For high quality DeFi projects, AEX is willing to provide them with early “liquidity” incentives. At the same time, the Vietnamese Blockchain Technology Competition and Hackathon, which AEX plans to launch in the second half of the year, are expected to trigger a boom in the dissemination and development of blockchain technology in Vietnam. For projects that meet the selection criteria, AEX will follow the rules and standards to prioritize listing support and recommend them to cooperative exchanges and friendly traders with an open and inclusive attitude.

Explanation of the AEX National Plan

As cryptocurrencies have increasingly attracted the attention of financial institutions around the world and the recognition of the general public for investment, the emergence of many novel concepts and ways of playing the game has allowed users around the world to join the crypto boom revolution, and more and more users have entered the investment and trading of digital currencies. As a result, AEX Global’s crypto trading and finance business has quickly spread around the world and successfully obtained business licenses in many countries. AEX Global will also support the development of the blockchain industry by expanding globalization. In various countries and regions, AEX Global will invest in upstream and downstream industries of the host country, reap environmental benefits, and bridge the gap between the local market and digital assets through efficient operation. Collaboration with ambassadors from different countries will help expand local business, refine operations, serve global users, and make AEX Global a world-class crypto asset trading platform and crypto financial bank.

Reasons for choosing the Vietnamese market

Vietnam, which has initiated reforms and openness, has a huge income from the demographic dividend of young people and is the country with the fastest growth in the number of rich people in the world. According to the reports on Vietnam’s recruitment and labor market, the demand of the blockchain industry in Vietnam has increased by 140% in recent years, which shows that the wave of blockchain and cryptocurrency is sweeping Vietnam. Given the fast-growing market, the development strength and creative capabilities of Vietnam’s GameFi team, represented by Axie Infinity, have been recognized by global players. AEX Global has also looked into the local market and carefully researched and found that Vietnam will be the first stop of the national plan to radiate the Southeast Asian market and challenge itself with high standards of refined operations and serve Vietnamese users with a professional attitude and dedicated attitude.

AEX Global is committed to the development and innovation of blockchain technology to enable digital financial transactions and revenue for users around the world. The first phase of the $100 million fund will strongly support the development of high-quality DeFi, GameFi, and NFT projects in Vietnam and unlock the unlimited potential of the Metaverse world.

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About AEX

Founded in 2013, AEX Exchange is the world’s leading platform for digital asset management services, and the scale of blockchain storage assets is at the forefront of global exchanges. AEX stands for secure investments, stable value added and provides protection of user assets through encryption licenses, verification of compliance with legal currencies, etc.Users can enjoy increased wealth in financial models such as trading, financial management, lending and DeFi mining.

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