AEX Finance Introduction

💸 The people’s choice

AEX supports over 40+ staking currencies, including fixed staking, flexible staking, and DeFi pool. All saving products on AEX are stable and safe staking products that Guarantee your principal and interest, without service charge. The hottest staking product, DeFi pool, has the following advantage:

  • 8 Years Safe Platform
  • 100% Redemption Rate
  • Lossless on Yield Farming
  • NO Gas Fee


💸 Super High-Interest Rates with DeFi pool , Invest certain currency will repay the same currency!

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AEX not only has high APY staking revenue but also supports staking interest raises. You can get AEX staking interest raise via the method below:

  • To be AEX VIP
  • Participate in staking activity
  • Manage finance for the first time


💸 AEX Loan, Safest Asset Allocation

AEX Loan has a Term Loan and Flexible Loan, supporting over 40 pledge currencies. Users can pay-as-you-do or interest before principal.

AEX pioneers the Never Liquidation model. Once the pledge order of BTC/ETH reaches liquidation level, the system will trigger the position reservation mechanism. You can add collateral to avoid asset loss within one day, which has helped thousands of users avoid the liquidation risk, and is also the safest asset allocation method.

Is AEX Safe?

💸See for yourself:

AEX is an 8-year outstanding exchange, and also an international digital asset trading service platform, supporting cryptocurrency trading and investment, and pioneering the creation of the message community. AEX is committing to building a reliable cryptocurrency bank for users. Since its establishment, AEX stays neutral and commits no evil, implements 100% reserve, and transparentizes asset trading. AEX, your best asset guardian.

AEX Operation Team

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