【AEX Easter Gifts Activity】Here are the Clues You need

3 min readApr 3, 2021


Activity Partners: NEM; ARPA; AEX

Activity Time: 4/4–4/8 17:00(UTC+8)

We will update the clues everyday bewteen 4th April to 6th April. One day , one token prize pool. Stay tune!

Day 1: Prize pool is 5000 XYM

Here are your clues:

1. When did NEM launch?

Answer: 2014

2. What is NIS1’s token called?

Answer: XEM

3. When did Symbol launch

Answer: 2021

4. What is the token for Symbol?

Answer: XYM

5. What exchanges list Symbol?

Answer: AEX, Foblgate, Gate.io, Kucoin, HBTC, LaToken, NewCapital

6. What consensus does Symbol use?

Answer: Proof of Stake +

7. What is Symbol’s focus?

Answer: Tokenisation

8. NEM Group comprises 3 entities, what are they?

Answer: Ventures, Trading, Software

9. Does Symbol have any use cases?

Answer: LBCoin, Bimtrazer, HIT Foundation

10. Does Symbol have an erc20 token?

Answer: StXYM

Day 2: Prize Pool is 8400 ARPA

1. How many ARPA tokens have been burnt?

Answer: 137,000,000

Explain: Accounting for 13.7% of the circulation supply(1,000,000,000), 6.85% of the total supply(2,000,000,000), worth around $16,000,000 USD as of now.

2. What’s the APY of ARPA in AEX DeFi Pool?

Answer: 18%

18% Details here: https://www.aex.com/page/new_defi.html#/

3. How many standards for privacy-preserving computation in China have ARPA participated in developing?

Answer: 3

4. How many Mining Pool does ARPA Mainnet has?

Answer: 14

5. When will ARPA Mainnet 1.5 release?

Answer: Q3 2021

Day 3: Prize Pool is 50000 GAT

1. When did AEX Exchange launch?

Answer: 2013

2. What is the relationship between $GAT and AEX Exchange?

Answer: GAT is the platform currency of the AEX Exchange

3. In AEX February(2021) Financial Operation Report,how much revenue did AEX distribute to users who participated in Financial products in February(2021)?

Answer: 6,671,833 USDT

4. In AEX February Financial Operation Report,what is the user’s cumulative financial investment amount in February?

Answer: 1,957,170,971 USDT

5. In Defi Pool,

(1)what is the currency with the highest annualization and how much is the APY now?

Answer: CAKE & BELT, with 58% APY

(2)What currency is the top 1 investment amount in February(2021), and how much is the annualized amount?

Answer: BTC, with 15% APY

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❤️ Thank you for participating in AEX Easter Gifts Activity! Hope you all have what you want!❤️

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