AEX Digital Finance Institute: The Blockchain Application Maturity Landing — 2022

4 min readJan 17, 2022


In the summer of 2020, a crypto bull market started until the end of the year. From DeFi, Socialfi, Gamefi to NFT, all kinds of endless innovative plays have kept the bull market going. The explosion of the metaverse concept has had a siphoning effect on market users, showing us the possibility of blockchain bringing the next batch of 1 billion users into the Web3 world. The AEX digital finance institute will explore the current market bubble and several growth segments in 2022 from the perspective of an industry observer.

NFT Board

No matter how volatile BTC and the entire crypto market are, no one can deny that NFT has been in a bull market and continues to flow into the global market with incremental users. Take this week’s most iconic NFT series, “Ghozali Everyday”, for example, where an ordinary man from Indonesia made 933 NFTs of his daily selfies in front of his computer between the ages of 17 and 21. It was uploaded to OpenSea for auction and quickly became a global phenomenon. This shows that more and more ordinary people are joining the NFT game, and the hunting psychology is driving users to make more transactions. It is foreseeable that as the number of users continues to increase, the concept of NFT will be more and more complete categories: artwork, avatar, game, medal, and it is reported that Twitter is testing the connection of crypto wallet, and once it is successfully marketed, NFT avatars will surely be pushed to the hot spot of the market again, becoming a unique aesthetic and financial showcase for more and more network users.

GameFi Board

GameFi led the concept of metaverse and P2E, but most GameFi and DeFi projects on the market today are actually indistinguishable. Solve the fundamental problem that the game is not playable in the long run, and as the coin price falls back, the overall revenue declines and users towards newer games, which also greatly shortens the lifecycle of each new GameFi product. Games as strong as Axie Infinity have not been able to hold the continuing downward trend of SLP.

With the outbreak of the metaverse concept, more and more regulars in the game industry have started to join the GameFi. The entry of regulars with the skills of making exquisite games will definitely accelerate the elimination of poor quality and rough traditional GameFi games, fun and exquisite graphics will become the main battlefield of GameFi competition next, and among these games, if they can be accompanied by a more perfectly designed Economic model, so that the game Token inflation + deflation mechanism can be balanced, then the day of blockchain games ruling the world will come.


Just last week, Moxie Marlinspike, the founder of the well-known crypto communication app Signal, conducted an in-depth study after two special mechanisms of NFT works were removed by Opensea and published an article titled “My First Impressions of web3”, which caused a lively discussion in crypto circles. His first concern was that web3 was not as decentralized as it claimed to be. In this case, access to web3’s underlying infrastructure is ultimately through several popular API providers. So even if the blockchain itself is decentralized, most applications that rely on it still have to pass through centralized bottlenecks and are operated by private, for-profit entities. This viewpoint drew Musk’s approval, and the V-God himself had to post an article to elaborate on his point. So while the future of personal mastery of data is where the trend is heading, there is still a long way to go for a true Web3, so users who continue to be bullish about the Web3 track need to be more careful about checking the long-term planning arrangements for their projects.

Cross-Chain Bridge and Layer2

。The explosion of DeFi and NFT has pressured Ethereum. More and more popular public chains have been recognized by market investors, and the emergence of SOL, NEAR, ONE, LUNA , has made asset cross-chain bridges necessary. The mature Layer2 technology represented by Arbitrum and ZK Rollups has brought the Ethernet sidechain into the limelight as well. Interoperability has been a vision within the blockchain industry for a long time, and now the technology can finally catch up with its planned ideals as expected, with more popular DApps deployed in multiple chains and a large number of dollar funds waiting to enter to participate in this decentralized financial revolution.

Once public chains are going to be competitors of ETH, but as the ETH ecosystem grows and the 2.0 era approaches, newer public chains are finally finding ways to stay in the race with ETH. The trend is to let different blockchains run in parallel and be able to operate with each other and unify multiple blockchains into one network.

While the current blockchain world with NFT, GameFi, Web3, and cross-chain bridges, there are many new elements that deserve to be explored. Most evidence shows that in 2022, brand new high market cap projects will break out in these popular tracks, and the blockchain industry with increasing landed applications will definitely shine.

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