【AEX AMA Recap】The beauty of cross-chain transactions, Sifchain foresees the future of DeFi

【Q&A: Host&Guest session】

Q1. Sifchain was largely inspired by THORChain. Can you introduce Sifchain? What is the difference between Sifchain and THORChain?

2. What kind of experiences do Sifchain teammates have?

3. What problems do you think DeFi currently has? What problems can Sifchain solve? What convenience will it bring to users?

4. Sifchain is based on Cosmos. Can you introduce Cosmos and why Sifchain prefers Cosmos over Ethereum?

5. What kind of utility is in Rowan, Sifchain’s native token?

6. What are Sifchain’s token distribution plans?

7. What are the fundraising milestones achieved by Sifchain and how will resources be used for the development of both ecosystem and technology?

8. What can we look forward to in Sifchain’s MainNet? How can people get involved with BetaNet?

9. What do you think is the future development direction of DeFi? And what is Sifchain’s next plan?

【Free Q &A session】

Q1:Who do you think sifchian’s competitors are among the many projects in defi? How can sifchain successfully stand out and solve the key pain points in the defi market?

Q2:Rowan is the governance token of sifchain. What are the functions of the token? Will token holders have any benefits?

Q3:What are the technologies behind sifchain? Has its function and security been verified?

Q4:What is the overall development progress of sifchain project? Do you have any plans for the future?

Q5:Sifcain has just completed $3.5 million of financing and has been favored by well-known institutions in the circle. In what ways will these institutions help sifcain?




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