AEX 2113 NFT Introduction

AEX 2113 NFT

About AEX 2113:

  • AEX 2113 is the first NFT work issued by AEX
  • AEX 2113 is aimed at celebrating the 8th anniversary of AEX, with memorable value
  • There are only 888 AEX 2113 NFTs around the world
  • AEX 2113 NFT is an imagination for the 22-century blockchain world.
  • That AEX issues NFT is based on BSC chain and is the depth interaction between AEX exchange and public chain.
  • AEX 2113 NFT practices the idea of decentration, free giving, non-issued price, free flow, and price consensus mechanism by users.
  • AEX doesn’t promise additional equity temporarily but the AEX NFT remains a new applicated scenario based on the market trend.




Aex Global

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Aex Global

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