【Activity Details】The First AEX Texas hold’em Competition!

7 min readDec 17, 2020


The Christmas Texas hold’em Competition now on AEX!

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Holiday Carnival:Play Texas hold’em, win BTC, Macbook Pro and iPhone12!

1. Acticity Time

Warm-up activity(Roll Free Dice): Million GAT points, shake for free, easy to get!

Christmas Texas hold’em Contest:Log in to get 3000 GAT points to play! Winners can get 1 BTC, Macbook Pro, iPhone12 Pro, and lots of USDT!

New Year’s Day Carnival Triple Ceremony: One million GAT koi prizes, 500USDT, and various exquisite gifts!

Receive rewards:if the reward is not claimed over time, it will be deemed as a forfeit.

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Million GAT points, shake for free, easy to get! Get your chips faster!

2. Activity Rules:

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Users can earn GAT points through the following activities:

2.1. Roll the dice and claim GAT points for free!

a. Log in to the warm-up event page every day to receive 100 GAT points and roll a dice for free;
b. Rolling dice rewards = number of dice points * 100 GAT points (the maximum amount to be unlocked);
c. If the user successfully invites a friend to register for AEX, will unlock 100 GAT points during the warm-up event, complete the advanced certification, unlock rewards are doubled (unlock 200 GAT points again), and the unlocked rewards will be cleared at 0:00 the next day;
d. The users invited by the warm-up event will bind the invitation relationship between both parties and enjoy the rewards of platform invitation rebates.

2.2. Free GAT points for trading new currency

During the warm-up event, users can participate in any AEX new currency list trading, and a single transaction amount of 100USDT can get 100 GAT points, and each person can get up to 500 GAT points.

2.3. 100 GAT points per day for share Contracts positions

During the warm-up event, users will receive 100 GAT warm-up points for the Texas Hold’em competition every time after they share their holdings, which can be completed once a day.

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3. Activity rewards

3.1. The GAT points obtained in the warm-up event will be added to the initial chip at the beginning of the Texas Hold’em competition;

3.2. After the event ends, GAT points can be exchanged for the same amount of GAT according to the rules. The rules for receiving prizes:

a. The user needs to complete 5 games;
b. The redemption requires advanced certification;
c. The amount of GAT redeemable = GAT points obtained during the event-3000 GAT points;
d. Each person can exchange up to 100,000 GAT.

Christmas Texas Hold’em Game Rules

  1. Participating users of the game can earn 3000 GAT points at the start of the game, and the GAT points obtained in the warm-up activity can be accumulated as the initial chips;

2. A resurrection mechanism is set in the game. When the user’s game GAT points are less than 100 GAT, the user will enter the resurrection state. After completing the task, they can get chips to play again;

3. The chips won during the event (excluding the 3000 initial chips) can be exchanged for the corresponding GAT after the event ends;

4. Participate to be eligible to be on the ranking list and win corresponding ranking rewards;

5. Please enter the game for detailed game rules.

5.1. Exchange GAT points for GAT

After the game is over, the user can apply to redeem the GAT points won by the game in the account (not including the initial 3000 GAT points), and each user can redeem up to 100,000 GAT.

5.2. Ranking rewards

On the day of event ends, the remaining number of GAT points in the personal account will be ranked from most to least. If the GAT points are the same, they will be ranked in the order of participation in the game.

2020 AEX Texas Hold'em Ranking Rewards

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5.3. Prize pool rewards

a. The prize pool will be divided into a daily prize pool and a total prize pool. The prize pool bonus comes from 20% of the fee collected by the system for each game, of which 15% of the fee enters the daily prize pool, 25% enters the total prize pool, and the other 60% is recycled by the platform burn.

b. The rewards in the daily prize pool will be given to users who have participated in more than 3 games in the previous day to share; the total prize pool will be shared by users who have more than 20 games.

5.4. Title reward

a. AEX Texas Hold’em “King of Glory” — — 10 players who won the most chips
b. AEX Texas Hold’em “Thousands of dollars are gone”-10 players who lost the most chips
c. AEX Texas Hold’em “Hundreds of battles never end”-the 10 players who played the most games
d. AEX Texas Hold’em “Master Player”-Players with more than 5 games

New Year’s Day Carnival

1. Activity time

December 28, 09:00 (UTC+8) to January 3, 24:00 (UTC+8)

2. Activity content

2.1. Lucky Koi for New Year’s Day Carnival (Spot Trading)

During the event, AEX will set up a koi prize pool. The initial prize in the prize pool is 100,000 GAT. For each additional user participating in the lottery, AEX will inject an additional 500 GAT into the koi prize pool. The prize pool is capped at 1,000,000 GAT. After the event is over, draw a user draw code to become AEX lucky koi and enjoy exclusive GAT prize pool rewards.

2. Revenue ranking of New Year’s Day Carnival (Contracts)

a. Participating in real area transactions or holding positions on perpetual contracts during the event period is deemed to be participating in this event;

b. During the event, the accumulated transaction volume ≥ 80,000 USDT and the top 20 users can enter the ranking list, which will update data every 30 minutes;

c. The ranking during the event is calculated based on the rate of return. If two users have the same rate of return, the one with higher transaction volume will be ranked first.

d. Return rate calculation formula: Total return rate = {[User contracts assets-(transfer in funds during user activity-transfer funds out during user activity)-initial contract assets before user activity] / (initial contract assets before user activity + Funds transferred during user activity)} * 100%

3. Lucky Wheel of New Year’s Day Carnival (Financial)

a. Lucky Wheel

During the event, if a single investment in Financial Saving Products is ≥500USDT or the market value of a pledge is ≥500USDT, you will be eligible for a lucky draw. Financial Saving Products can draw a lottery at most 3 times a day, pledge a lottery at most once a day, and log in every day to get a free lottery chance. A maximum of 5 lucky draw opportunities can be obtained every day.

a. Lottery prizes:

  1. 30% off BTC coupon;

2. 1 ETH;

3. 8888 GAT;

4. 1% interest rate increase coupon for Financial Saving Products;

5. Random GAT;

6. Loan coupons;

7. 20 USDT;

8. Power bank;

9. AEX presents.

b. New user benefits

Users who participate in the loan for the first time are interest-free for 7 days (except for FIL currency);
1% interest rate increase for users who invest in regular wealth management for the first time (except for BHD and FIL)

4. Instructions for receiving awards

4.1. Time to receive awards

From 2021/1/4 9:00 to 2021/1/8 24:00(UTC+8), if the reward is not claimed over time, it will be deemed as a forfeit.

4.2. How to claim awards

We will open the entrance to receive the prize at 09:00 (UTC+8) on January 4th, please remember to claim the prize.

4.3. Conditions for receiving awards

a. Complete 5 games
b. Complete advanced certification
c. Each user can redeem up to 100,000 GAT

5. 10-day Tokens Airdrop on Twitter

Airdrop of tokens worth 200USDT every day on aexplus Twitter!

Time: 12/21–12/30

Rules: Follow @aexplus Twitter account +RT the airdrop tweet

How to Get Your Airdrop Token Rewards?

After binding your AEX ID here: https://my.cctip.io/twitter/activity, you will receive your airdrop token before 2021/1/15

If you have no AEX ID yet, you can register one account now: https://aex.com/page/spread_regist.html#/?aex-lang=en&from=140e1c

Please notice: NO BIND, NO REWARDS

And, please don’t leave your ID in comment area

6. Other instructions

The event does not support one people with diffrent IDs to participate with, and advanced authentication is required. The same IP, device number, ID card or passport number is regarded as the same account. Spot Trading do not include API transactions. If cheating and malicious rewards of trumpets are found, the platform will ban them and recover the rewards.

And, this Texas Hold’em Game do not support any deposit. Please log in to refresh your balance.

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