🎈#11.11 Super Gift Package💰 to AEX Traders

Super Gift Package to AEX Traders

Dear AEX users:

In order to keep up with The Times, celebrate the upcoming #11.11(Register NOW), and meet your needs for the transaction benefits of various business modules, we have organized special activities to keep you happy! Details of the specific activities are as follows:

I. Financial/Pledge:

1, Financial Saving Products

  • DeFi Vault Pool Mining Ranking

Ranked according to the accumulated investment amount during the event. The top10 users can get rewards.(The ranking is updated every 30 minutes, and is calculated according to the currency price at the time of the update)

  • Share 10000$ rewards!:

Invest in DeFi Vault Pool Mining ≥ 1000 CNY:

1. According to the total investment amount to participate in the share of 🎈10000 USDT💰(The user’s total investment amount is calculated based on the closing price on Nov 4th).

2. 1% Interest Rate Coupons.

2, Pledge

  • 0 fee in first loan:

The user who participated in the pledge loan for the first time borrows 0 fee for 7 days (except FIL).

  • BTC pledge reward:

During the event, users who take a snapshot of the BTC pledge amount of users at 19 o’clock every day, and users whose daily average net increase in BTC pledge amount is ≥0.1BTC, will be divided into 🎈$4000💰 rewards according to the proportion of net pledge increase.

Average daily BTC pledge = (∑ daily BTC pledge snapshot) /7.

BTC average daily net value of pledge =BTC average daily pledge — BTC initial pledge at 19 o ‘clock on November 5.

  • Mortgage Koi:

5 users will be selected as Koi users from the users who participated in pledge lending during the event, and 🎈8888 GAT💰 will be given to each.

🎈Trading NOW🎈

II. More Trading, more rewards :

1, Share $2222

Users can participate in the 🎈$2222💰 rewards if their Spot Trading volume is ≥$1000.

2, Refund fee

During the event, 👋 50% of the actual fee incurred by users participating in the spot trading will be refunded (Professional rate users do not participate in this event)

🆕Trading NOW🎈

III. Perpetual Swaps :

1, Perpetual Swaps trading Share bonus pool

·During the event, users who participate in the real area trading of the Perpetual Swaps can divide the bonus pool: (One user can only participate in the sharing of one bonus pool at a time)


a.The total trading amount only during the event

b.Trading amount = average trading price * number of Contracts * Contracts multiplier

2, Rewards for new Perpetual Swaps traders

·The user who opened the Contracts(Perpetual Swaps) trading during the event participates in the Contracts real area trading can reward 🎈20%💰 of the fee.


Alice opened Contracts(Perpetual Swaps) account during the event period, and the BTC Forward Contracts placed an order at the price of 11,389 USDT and 20,000 Contracts were traded, and the fee was 4.5556 USDT. After the event, Alice will be rewarded 4.5556 *20%= 0.91112 USDT.

🎈Trading NOW🎈

Ⅳ. Referral:

Referral & Get rewards

·Every time a new user is invited to register during the event, and the invitee completes any of Pledge/Financial Saving Product/Spot Trading, 🎈488 GAT💰 reward will be given.

(PS:The invitee will also be awarded 🎈20% commission fee💰 for participating in the Perpetual Swaps trading during the activity)

🎈Invite NOW🎈


1. ⌚️Time: November 5, 2020 — November 12, 2020

2.💰Reward distribution: within 7 working days after the event ends.

3.If you participate in any DeFi Vault Pool Mining products during the event, you will be automatically qualified for the list. 1% Interest Rate Coupons are universal in all currencies (except BHD,FIL). The validity period is 7 days. The novice label does not support the use of Interest Rate Coupons.

4.Calculate the share ratio based on the cumulative investment amount of the DeFi Vault Pool Mining.The calculation formula:share reward = total personal cumulative investment during the event / cumulative investment on the entire platform during the event * 10000 USDT

5.Once a cheating user is found, AEX will have the right to cancel its reward. AEX reserves the right to adjust and interpret this event at any time.

Tips: Digital currency derivative service is an innovative investment method with high risks and strong professionalism. Please be rational and prudent in your decision making.

🎈Register NOW 🎈

AEX Team

AEX: Your Best Asset Guardian

About AEX:
AEX is a global digital assets integrated service platform with information, community, financial management and digital currency trading since 2013.

Contact us:
Website: https://www.aex.com/#/en
Twitter: @aexplus
Weibo: AEX安银




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